Letters to the Judicial Inquiry Board–do they really do any good?

From an anonymous source:

“The JIB has only 2 investigators for the whole State.  The problem is that they are over-worked.  They pump out reports without any opinions.  The reports go to the Board who make recommendations to the Commission.  Here is where serious infighting is occurring.  The Commission has been refusing to accept recommendations from the Board for punishment of judges.  The Board is now refusing to make recommendations because they look stupid with all their recommendations being turned down.  So now we have no recommendations for punishment.  All rumors.”

So, until the public puts pressure on “the commission” to do it’s job, it looks like the letters are just “rumors” until someone gets in there and kicks butt and stops the infighting.


My suggestion is to write to Senators Kirk and Durbin and let them know the Judicial Inquiry Board is woefully inadequate, has done nothing in the Sykes, Gore, etc. cases.

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