GJS and her brilliant day in Court

February 11, 20013

Judge Stuart – JS

Chase attorney is here.  No one from Fannie Mae. GJS is complaining that the Chase atty won’t give her a business card or say who he is.

Carolyn’s here.

All the appellate volumes.

Michael Blattner, commissioner they appointed.

Official court reporter present.

GJS tells me the last time she was in court, she overheard CT and company said they were going drill out the locks again and get into the house.  Horrors, more criminal activities.

GJS shows me letter that her mom was never served.

Stuart chained GJS to a chair in the back room for about a half hour, threatened her to euthanize her pets–a beloved dog named “Shaggy” and a cute long haired kitty named “Kitty.”  Okay, GJS isn’t very creative with pet names.

During GJS’s last hearing in court, Judge Murray let GJS put on atty Gene Moskowitz and he said that mom didn’t file anything in the Lumberman’s case.

GJS relates that Chase has admitted they owe her damages for drilling out locks on her property and creating severe damage to her home.  Chase was supposed to negotiate a settlement in the last BK.  GJS just filed a new BK case 14 days ago.

GJS is working.

Adversary proceedings need to be reopened in bankruptcy.

Richard Bussee is still representing GJS in the BK.

All of PS and his firm, CT, the Chase atty, Michael Blattner, etc. all walk in and within two minutes the judge walks out.   GJS says this happens all the time.  It used to be the GAL’s would walk from the judge’s door, then the judge, but since I published on this blog that is unethical and improper, now they are about 10% less blatant about “getting prepared” with the judge.  Now only she walks thru that door, but it’s all a coincidence, still.

attorneys step up

GJS objects to jurisdiction.

Sykes is not represented by counsel.  PS, CT, AS present CF has another family emergency.

GJS an interested party.

Court lacks jurisdiction.

GJS says that she also had a family emergency like CT but she came to court regardless.

Michael Blattner also present for subdivion of property.

Chase is the mortggee.

GJS says fannie mae is not here and they now they own the note.

PS says they have not been served (with GJS’s new action).  GJS has refiled the chapter 13 in January.

This interferes with the ability to subdivide her property.

At this point I am asked by Judge Stuart to shut off my laptop so I just start taking notes on the back of some court orders.  Waste of paper and time if you ask me, but if you like pet dinosaurs, you probably like taking notes on paper.  Personally, I don’t.  I told her that I could type 100 wpm and I prefer to type my notes.  This very polite request was ignored by the court.  I wonder if we need a federal law that litigants can take notes in any state, federal or hearing tribunal.  I don’t understand how this simple request is such a problem for the court. I’m not playing games, I’m not texting anyone.  I am admitted to the bar and helping a friend and the pubic rooting out corruption in the courts, and if you ask me, this case is a hot bed of questions on corruption, aberrations from the rules and law, GAL’s that do strange things and are on the case forever.

You name it, this case has got it, but I digress.

PS says they need time to check on the status of the mortgage with chase.

JS asks how long that will will take.

GJS says that there is a bankruptcy she has newly filed.

Then they start looking for dates.

April 4, 2013 is the next date they can agree upon.

GJS suggests April Fool’s day as being more appropriate.  I give her the tumb’s up.

JS – says this will be only a status date.
Date selected, everyone stands down.

GJS’s filing are uploaded here:

Pleading 1 filed today (regarding partition)

Pleading 2 filed today (regarding objection to inventory)

I want to thank her for sharing her motions with everyone. They contain important case law and information if you are ever in probate.  They are for the most part, well drafted and contain important assertions on behalf of the non Carolyn Toerpe portion of the Sykes family, which is pretty much the rest of the family.  I have no idea why the ARDC does not allow the sisters of Mary and the other daughter of Mary to speak out via me on the web.  I can’t represent GJS, I was disqualified, but I can be her news reporter and I can go to court and take notes and I can be her blogger, just as you all can.

The ARDC is trying to make blogs “sinister” and disrespectful.  They are trying to discredit WordPress and Blogger and/or tell people what they can and cannot post.  In a repressive, fascist society, the first thing a dictator does is go after the lawyers telling the truth.  That’s what the Gestapo did in Germany in the 1930’s.  Take a look at this.  Who, other than the ARDC cares about a blog?  A blog, for chrissakes.  It’s insane.

I have tried and tried, but I can find no other case law about a lawyer getting disciplined for running a blog.  Lawyers get disciplined for stealing money, forgetting a client matter, not appearing in court, not writing a brief on time, etc.–but a blog?

Again, I have read hundreds of notes over the years on attorneys that have stolen money–most of it in very large amounts and mostly real estate attys– and they get disbarred or suspended.  Then there are the lawyers that forget to come to court, forget to write briefs, forget to email clients.  Now, if you are one of my clients or opponents, you know I am a maniac about text and email and will hound you until you get something done.  It’s the “mom” nature in me.  Anyway the lawyers that don’t steal anything generally get “censured”.

What about the lawyers that write a blog on corruption?  What about the lawyers who speak up for the likes of Tyler, Wyman, Gore, Bedin, Spera, etc.?

PS–in the ARDC complaint for BLOGGING filed against me on Jan 8, 2013 (of all things, come on now, blogging?  How desperate is that).

In the meanest, most aggressive tone I suppose you can gather for a complaint on BLOGGING on corruption, the ARDC says (you won’t believe how horrifying this is) I use initials!  That’s right, initials.  The sinister, ARDC mystifying use of intitals.

Well, it’s really I’m typing lazy and then I LOVE LONG FINGERNAILS.  Okay, I said it.  I get really pretty long fingernails which makes my typing just a tad more difficult and initials a bit easier on my qwerty keyboard, and so I use initials.

Okay, this is a BLOG.   For those of you ARDC attys that are too old or too ensconced in your Ivory White Towers of the Prudential Towers and removed from the hoi poli an the unwashed masses that I routinely gather with on the 18th floor and even the 14th floor of FED, horrors of horrors, a blog is supposed to be the immediate impressions, thoughts and stream of conscience that we are supposed to experience via our fingertips.

To show that where the ARDC is located consists of two “ivory towers” see the picture on wikipedia:


I have never seen the likes of Ms. Leah Black or any ARDC atty there.  Just the litigants.


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