And the copyright infringement by the ARDC continues…..

I don’t get it.  After telling the ARDC you cannot publish someone’s proprietary writings because only the author has the 5 copyright rights:  right to copy, right to publicly display, right to perform (also called a grand right), the right to make derivative works and the right to publish/disseminate.

It has been nearly 5 days since they wrongfully published my proprietary rights and I am not happy about that.  It’s clearly wilful infringement.  Apparently they have not responded to myself or Ken, they have not taken down the infringing work.  No letter, no anything.

I am counting the days.

I have the right to decide when and where my writings are published.  So does Ken and neither of us gave the ARDC any permission to do this.

I don’t understand how hard it  is to take down that webpage and or replace the proprietary writings with “COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL OMITTED”–as all the case law does.

I have written about this several times now, I have explained it on this blog, so I don’t understand what the big deal is.

I would like an explanation, wouldn’t you?  If I did that to the ARDC attys–published their proprietary writings, they would be all over me and for just cause.

It’s been 5 days now, and I would think they would take all this much more seriously.

I run blogs, I have a website and I don’t steal other people’s stuff and put it there as I please.  I ask permission first.  That’s called a license.  The ARDC has no license, just so you know.

And I believe my writings are covered by the First Amendment regardless.  I am engaging in the highest form of speech–public participation.  Illinois even has several laws to help protect free speech–the Whistleblower Act, the Citizens Participation Act, etc.–all ignored.

I did not make this stuff up. This is what I heard and what I was told and the stories are genuine and harrowing.  Much of it is already on other blogs.  Everything pretty much I have related to you, my audience, is already on the internet, but I am confirming and reporting.

Lawyers, most of all, must report corruption, ask for investigations from the police department, and protect the seniors and disabled.

We simply cannot allow these most vulnerable people to lose their life, liberty, human and civil rights.


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