From Ken Ditkowsky, Esq. — letters to the Department of Justice, the ARDC and the major news outlets!

If you need to speak out, Ken’s direction is the way to do it.

Take a look at these letters, feel free to OCR them on  your G-Drive and resend for me, for you, for other probate court abuse victims:

KDD’s Letter to the ARDC to protest complaints for running a blog

KDD’s Letters to the WSJ, NYT, WashP, CBA, ISBA, CBA

Feel free to print out these letters, send them out with your name inserted on them, (Google, Wordperfect and Word will OCR them for you), or use the addresses for your own cause to fight corruption in probate court or in any Illinois Court where it may be found.

While the ARDC promulgates a complaint against me saying I bring “dishonor and disrespect” to the court and attorneys and some judges practicing there, I just don’t see how that is.  If you Google Cook County Circuit Court and corruption there are hundreds of horror stories on Goggle.

Why is it only the ARDC can’t do these searches before they file something?

There are a lot of Chicagoans royally pissed off at the Cook County Court system for perceived injustices and corruption–that is deviation from an ideal, norm or standard, in this case Illinois Probate law, but I guess the ARDC in its ivory tower never gets close to the hoi poli and unwashed masses trudging the halls of the 18th floor.


Please, ARDC attys, do yourself a favor.  google “cook county court and corruption” read the blogs, go down there yourselves and see the cases, see how some of the attys and judges are acting badly.

Put up an ad on craig’s list looking for these stories.

Stop putting your heads in the sand blaming everything on “misunderstandings” or “that really did not happen.” 


2 thoughts on “From Ken Ditkowsky, Esq. — letters to the Department of Justice, the ARDC and the major news outlets!

  1. I would like the email address of the agencies that are giving you difficulty especially the ones that state you “dishonor and disrespect ” I would like to write a response

    Please send me a few email address of tv investigative reporters and news media




    • Email addresses are harder to come by. I don’t think we have the email of the new atty at the ardc, but I will look online.

      Most people want their complaints to come by snail mail so it’s harder on the complaintant, natch.

      I will check later for you tho. the ardc website is and they have a hot line.

      take care

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