Why have the Attorneys assigned to my case at the ARDC changed?

After Ken sent me the case “US v. Yermian” where I am reminded it took DECADES for attorneys to get very few rights to advertise and the ARDC to this day attempts to strictly oversee our advertising speech–despite the hoardes of cable commercials we are getting sick to death on meslo-the-li-oma, birth control pill heart disease, dacron bladder inserts–you name that tort, it will be on cable tonight with Skin-a-max.

Dear Ken;

You mention that we have “new attorneys” on my ARDC complaint case.  Who are the new attorneys on the case?  did LB resign because I made fun of her frequently too and that might have caused a recusal?  or did she just quit because she finally “got it” that all I am doing is running a blog and who prosecutes another attorney for “running a blog”?  Is it really that important to censor me and shut me up?

The disQ of me, and my otherwise non-involvement in Sykes make it clear I am only being prosecuted for my speaking out and that makes me a pathetic victim of bullying by the ARDC and unnamed others.

how many ARDC attorneys will I have before this gets to the hearing panel?  How many attorneys will work on my complaint and get disgusted because that’s not why they went to law school–to pick on another attorney for merely running a blog and speaking out.  an attorney that spends hours and hours helping others—AND publishing it because while you and I cannot save the world, we can at least make it public on the internet how many confirmed victims of probate we are finding.

courts and attorneys out of control.  judges and attorneys acting badly.  I stand prepared to talk about them all–and let the victims themselves do it, sorting out the BS from the reality and making it into a blog post only an attorney can write up.

kill the messenger, not the miscreant.

I know I am not “the Daily Law Bulletin”, I am not the legal section of the WSJ or NYT.  I have no editing staff, I don’t worry about thinking thru my fingers, BUT I do have people who read my blog.

I also know there are legal shows out there where the lawyers dress up fancy and go to fancy courts with important multi-million dollar cases or serial murder victims.  They don’t blog about how they have no heat in the winter because it costs too much and there are too many people to help.  The law shows don’t get real emails from real probate court victims telling what is really going on in court rooms where they are routinely told to “shut up”, they get snubbed, ignored, denigrated at every turn while court favored GAL’s only have to sniffle a bit and the judge hands out motion grants like lollipops to Shirley Temple.  Disgusting.  I feel the pain, my readers feel the pain–and yet the ARDC jams it into a tax payer money wasting complaint pretending it never happens or if it does, that was fair.

Note how that was in the complaint?  GJS gets snubbed, ignored, denigrated at every turn while all CF, PS, AS, etc. have to do is sing a song and their motions are granted.

It’s a wired in system where GAL’s come from a list.  And if you are the respondent in a petition for incompetency, kiss your butt goodbye.  Even if you manage, kick, scream, fuss and yodel you want an attorney, according to Justice Connor, if “she really thought” you needed your own attorney–she would appoint one–from a list.  Let’s face it, you fry your brain a bit, just on the edges, you get frail and need help getting out, you are toast in the probate world.  You won’t get an attorney, you can kiss that dream good bye.  You won’t get the attorney friend you like who helped you for years because he’s not “on the list.”  And the GAL’s and OPG will dip into the sitting pork barrel of you paid up home, bank accounts, etc. and dump you in a nursing home despite the fact you don’t want to be there.

How corrupt is that.  Okay I said it again.  That’s corrupt and evil and greedy and the deep dark side of our “judicial” system.


PS–Ken, what I like about you, you are my attorney and my best friend in all of this, and I am soooo glad you never say to me, be careful what you say about august attorneys at the ARDC, don’t say this and don’t say that.  Other attys have told me that.  BUT you tell me keep going on, you are telling a truth that HAS to be told, and it’s all First Amendment rights, whether the ARDC gets it or not.  Our N.D.Illinois judges in Federal Court will “get it”.

PPS–no they have not taken down my copyright infringing portion of the complaint from their website today.  I am NOT happy about that.

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