Judge not guilty of shoving a depupty by reason of insanity

Today in the ISBA newsletter we learn that the Hon. Brim shoved a deputy and “acts out” from time to time because she has some sort of schizo disorder.

see http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/ct-met-judge-brim-trial-20130205,0,4650836.story

Now while criminal law is not my specialty, I’m sure a whole lot of the public wonders just how she gets away with all this and gets reelected as a judge.

Being a liberal myself, I don’t have a great deal of a problem with it other than there should be a warning sign and disclaimer when you get in her courtroom.  Hmmm I wonder what that would be “warning, bipolar judge, please sign waiver and disclaimer, no complaints about it allowed.”

And if SHE can get away with shoving a deputy, what’s the big deal with this blog?  I’ve never shoved anyone, I don’t have screaming outbursts.  I just make fun of pompous attys and judges that are acting badly–and the public has seen plenty of it, although it appears the ARDC is stitting in their fancy One Prudential Plaza offices at what, $35 per square foot, pretending that nothing on my blog is true or possibly be true.

Imagine that.  I once counted 50+ lawyers and panel members at the ARDC, tho I assume some are part time, flex time, commuting civil servants, much like the Patent Office.

Do they really get 50 sets of blinders?  I really want to know.

I also still have not head from the poor ARDC lawyers assigned to my case.  Since this is such an important mission–to review my blog posts for making fun of other lawyers, I would hope they would get permission from the powers that be to post comments on my blog.

So far, the ARDC complaint is pretty much the only discernable complaint on my blog, and I had to post that.

Most people write and like this blog and read it and it makes them feel better about their status or lack thereof in the Illinois Cook County courtrooms, and esp. probate.


still waiting.

take care


hmmm, posting by reason of insanity?  that would be a new one to try!

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