The exciting Transcript from the Wyman Hearing

Dear Readers;

Link to court hearing Transcript Wyman Motion to Dismiss 092812.

One of the exciting items we have been waiting for is the transcript from the Wyman case — or the hearing where I argued there were no Sodini notices served on the adult children and siblings of Ms. Winifred Carol Wyman and therefore the court lacked jurisdiction since July 6, 2009 when it held a hearing without proper notices being served.

As you will recall, my client and his brother were left standing out in the hallway of the courtroom asking why the Hearing on Powell Wyman’s Petition for Hearing had been stricken from the court calendar.  It was noticed for July 9, 2009.  They had not received notice at all!

See the excuses by SRR and KMT and see if justice has been done.

We are now onto an emergency appeal of this court’s decision and I will keep you timely apprised of all documents filed, so you can even do this yourself.

take care


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