Proudly announcing John Howard Wyman’s website and blog!

Dear Readers;

Today I would like to direct your attention to John Howard Wyman’s new website and blog:

On the website you will find the courageous story of how John and his mother “escaped” Rockford and a hideous nursing home in the middle of the night.

Are you tired of your spouse?  Does she nag you all day and drive you nuts?  Then simply drug her, take her to the nearest nursing home declaring she’s incompetent and then file for guardianship.  Yep, you can legally get rid of your spouse into a nursing home and never deal with that person again.  The nursing home will continue to hold her down and drug her for you (of course, that’s totally illegal, but it’s a law NEVER enforced against seniors and the elderly).

This is one harrowing story of how a woman got dumped in a nursing home, when the two good sons came to rescue her, they were thwarted by both the nursing home AND the Rockford police and turned away–even though no guardianship proceeding had commenced.

John and his mother now live together happily and she is well cared for in Aspen Colorado while his appeal on lack of jurisdiction will wend it way through the Illinois Appellate Court.

We are waiting for the final order to come through.

People to blame?  Attys acting badly? Judge Fabiano, OPG Sharon R Rudy, GAL Kimerly McKenzie Timberwilke.  This judge and her atty friends will simply not step forward and tell the truth that “close relatives” were never served written notice of the time, date and place of hearing on July 6, 2009.  Order the book ASAP from Amazon, rated 5 stars–a real page turner.  Encourage this judge and the attys to step forward and admit they had no jurisdiction since 7/6/09 and do the right thing!


4 thoughts on “Proudly announcing John Howard Wyman’s website and blog!

  1. John,
    Good for you! Good for taking care of your mother, and good for telling the story. I know it hasn’t been an easy road.

    • Dear Rayetta;
      Thank you very much for the compliment, but you are too kind. The reality is, Ken and I are the only attys involved in all of Sykes, Wyman, Tyler, etc. that are actually just DOING OUR JOBS! I don’t really understand it, the other attys and judges involved have a moral and ethical duty to ensure and protect the constitution of the US and Illinois, but they turn their heads away. I have had other attys in my office, that don’t like this and don’t want to get involved, and because there’s no money, and it’s quite a drain on all of us.
      BUT, I just don’t see why they don’t see that KDD and I are just doing our jobs.
      You are very nice to put up such a post and thank you so much.

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