From Ken Ditkowsky–why an investigation is necessary

People who insist on ‘honest’ government are very dangerous to the ‘political elite!’ In addition to calling attention to the new source of revenue for the corrupt political types – i.e. the hard earned savings of ‘grandma’ we are calling attention to the fact that ‘grandma’ is a human being entitled to her ‘liberty’ rights, her property rights, her civil rights and her human rights.
The Elder Abuse and Financial abuse of the Elderly created by guardians as illustrated by the Sykes case also highlights the way we pick our judges and our elected representatives. Cook County Illinois a very few years ago had 17 judges go to jail in the ‘greylord’ scandal. We have two former governors sitting in Federal Prison right now! The fallout from the ‘Rezko’ affair has not settled ****. Other States have problems of a similar nature but somehow the national news media is much kinder to their miscreants. A former New Jersey Governor and Senator managed a firm that misplaced millions of customer funds and he has not even been arrested! If you or I lost fifty cents belonging to a ‘client’ we would be ‘drawn and quartered!’
Unequal treatment before the law is becoming the norm too many jurisdictions. Punish the messenger is the new credo. This scenario will continue until we can persuade law enforcement and the Congress to do an HONEST, complete, and comprehensive investigation of the Sykes case and the similar cases. The GAO sent Congress a report concerning the epidemic of legitimate Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation cases that it uncovered. The response has apparently been to concentrate the effort to ‘punish the messenger!’
The First Amendment to the Federal Constitution is the core of our democracy. Citizens including lawyers exercising their Rights, Privileges and Immunities can thwart the pecuniary expectations of the miscreant guardians and their judicial/political benefactors. One of the duties of American Citizenship is the obligation to speak out against corruption, especially by the political types. When the plenary guardian in the Sykes case entered Mary Sykes’ safety deposit box and removed the collectibles disclosed by Mary’s younger daughter and younger sister and did not inventory them she committed a ‘taxable event!’ If the plenary guardian did not report the earnings on her Federal Income Tax Return, she committed ‘tax fraud.’ If my calculation is correct with interest and penalties there is owed to the United States of America over a million dollars! What kind of ‘clout’ does the plenary guardian have that prevents the United States Department of the Treasury and the Illinois Department of Revenue from ‘getting their share of loot!’
The League of Women Voters pointed out the “Democracy was not a Spectator Sport” – thus, we have to demand an HONEST, complete and Comprehensive Investigation of why Grandmother is being actively deprived of her Liberty, her Property, her civil rights, and human Rights.
Ken Ditkowsky

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