Status of Cases–Sykes, Wyman

1.  In Re Mary Sykes:  Next court date October 3, 2012.  MTD Denied August 16, 2012 and Notice of Appeal must be filed in 35 days, then a docketing statement 14 days after that.  Recommended additional actions:  Because jurisdiction is in issue, family should file a Motion to stay the sale of Mary’s house and partition of other daughter’s home.
2.  In re Wyman.  Motion to Dismiss for lack of Jurisdiction filed.  In briefing schedule.  Sharon Rudy’s assistant asked for extension of time on Friday to file Responsive Brief and that was agreed to as long as she emails me copy of brief on Monday and grants me the same courtesy when necessary.  Hearing to be held on Sept 28, 2012 at 11 am.  All are invited.  Judge Fabiano’s courtroom 217 in Rockford, 400 State Street courhouse.  All pending asset sales are on hold until jurisdiction can be determined.

2 thoughts on “Status of Cases–Sykes, Wyman

    • Dear Jane;
      I wish it were that simple. Apparently, and this is all according to family members, the first thing the Plenary Guardian did when she was appointed was raid Mary’s safe deposit box which contained a bag of gold and silver coins collected by Charles Sykes, Mary’s husband and a Chicago Police Sargent, AND Al Biddy, a beloved nephew, also a Police Officer, who collected gold and silver coins. The GAL’s have not investigated that, despite the fact that numerous family members know about the gold coins left for Mary and the girls to ensure they would never be impoverished. The GAL’s have been told the coins are real and numerous family members have seen them. One GAL, CF admitted on the stand, she knew CT was going to have the safe deposit drilled out and she did nothing about being there or asking for an inventory. The safe deposit box was in the name of both Mary and the “other daughter”, so in a NORMAL case, a court order would have been required together with proof the “other daughter” had no property, or that property would be left intact.
      Actually, the “other daughter” had a key, so she would have been asked to turn over the key to the GAL, and the GAL would have been there for the opening and inventory and a hearing would have been held as to whom the assets belonged to.
      CT just drilled the box and took everything. The probate court is acting without jurisdiction, so the judge, the GAL’s and CT should all be liable for the theft. The IRS should get involved because once a fiduciary takes any wealth from the ward, that creates a taxable event. Tax fraud carries the penalty of 50% for the fraud, 5% per month up to 25% of the total.
      So you see, the case is not likely to go away with just stopping the fight over the house. Ken (and I have to agree with this) knows it’s not hard to put 2 and 2 together and realize CT is likely paying off the GAL’s and whomever she has to with gold coins–but that is only conjecture at this point. It is a very good conjecture because it makes all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.
      I looked on ebay and Ken says when he did the estate planning, Charles and Mary told him they had 300 or so gold double eagles from the turn of the century.
      Now, what the GAL’s have told the court is, how could a police officer possibly afford that?
      Easy, in the 1950’s when the coins were collected, gold was $30 per ounce and not $1700 as it is today (just went up again). That’s how. Over 10 years, once per month, they would buy a gold or silver coin from Archie’s on Devon ave in Chicago.
      This is not going away with just the sale of the house. There’s likely one to two million dollars+ involved and the crime has to be hidden.
      The GAL’s have been careful not to allow any discovery or depositions to be taken of CT. CT was appointed in a railroaded proceeding. The Ill. Sup. Case of In re Sodini requires that in order for a court to take jurisdiction, the Petitioner MUST serve written notice 14 days in advance of the hearing on the Petition to appoint a Guardian, notice of the time, date and place of the hearing. Two sisters and the other daughter have been complaining to the court that this was not done. Declarations to that effect have been filed. Those declarations are public on this website. The ARDC has been told that.
      And yet they fail to prosecute the atty miscreants while prosecuting the honest, forthright ones that, according to my table of torts, have been involved in a lot of wrong doing.
      We’re not sure how far the corruption goes. The prosecution of KDD repeatedly requesting for a full investigation by law enforcement at the ARDC certainly does not look good–as if the ARDC is part of the cabal. Sorry, LB, it looks that way. You prosecute KDD and I don’t know what’s going on with my complaint which consisted of something written by KKD on a blog which is wholly independent of mine–but you ignore numerous attys involved in my 10 page table of torts which is constantly being updated.
      What the probate cabal typically does is (and this is confirmed by many, many people in the industry), is they grab someone with assets, with a fully paid for home, etc., they get a crazy relative appointed GAL and the ward is thrown into a nursing home, the nursing home liens the paid for home, the home is sold and all the attorneys get paid, medicare gets paid, and there is a huge, huge, push to do this and cover it all up.
      Most of the seniors complain and say they want to live at home. So what do the nursing homes do? They drug them with contraindicated psychotropic drugs such as Seroquel, Halodel, Risperdol, you name it–greedy mega pharma sells it to nursing homes where just about everyone there is not young enough or in good enough health to tolerate such drugs. They are contraindicated by the mfgrs themselves! This is well documented in John Howard Wyman’s Book “Against Her Will” available on Amazon. (Why aren’t those Rockford miscreants being investigated?–there’s a whole book on that plot and plan. Lots of juicy details for the ARDC to work with. Real drama, real misconduct, real money flowing around, or at least they tried to, I have it stopped for the time being).
      They even hold the senior down and give them massive injectable doses if need be–despite the fact this is illegal, they get away with it.
      I wish I had better news on this senior front, but it is dreadful, absolutely dreadful.
      And KDD is just one more victim of this evil, greed and corruption.

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