Ken Ditkowsky responds to the Wyman book “Against Her Will”

 From KDD
The review (which is in quotes) is excellent.    Ms. Johnson captured the essence of the book and the problem with the words:  “Most of all, Against Her Will sounds a warning to all of us who are getting older; we’d better wake up and realize the system is rigged against us”     It is as long as the system gives carte blanche to those who prey on the elderly and protects them we – the elderly and our friends, neighbors, and those who love us – are in deep trouble.   Those who attended the ARDC discipline hearing seeking to punish me for speaking out heard Ms. Black tell the panel that what they (the ARDC) were doing was to attempt to make the public forget about ‘Greylord!’    By silencing you and by silencing me Ms. Black pointed out that this dirty little secret will remain out of the public eye and we can be distracted by the ‘Peterson’ trial.    On the other hand if the public is aware of the Wyman case, the Sykes case, the Tyler case et al. they might be upset and thing less of the 2nd oldest profession.   Indeed!
It is indeed fortunate that we still still live in America and the Law of Land is disclosed in the opinions of the Supreme Court of the United States and the statutes enacted by our elected representatives.   In United States vs. Alvarez the Supreme Court rejected the very arguments that the Illinois ARDC made to the disciplinary panel.    However, the proof is in the pudding!    Does the law of land mean more than ‘covering up’ the abuse, and the financial exploitation of the elderly?
Atty Ken Ditkowsky
KDD has been invited to be on “Cooper’s Corner” a cable show centering on probate and elder abuse and financial exploitation.
I will let you know when it airs.
Below is the link to the Book Review he is speaking of:

2 thoughts on “Ken Ditkowsky responds to the Wyman book “Against Her Will”

    • Wow! that is indeed a great idea. Do you have any of this information or something to publish? I’d be glad to do that for you, but next time I get to the Recorder’s office I will do just that.
      It’s quite amazing how deep the corruption runs. I was at a taping tonight for Bev Cooper tonight and Probate Sharks and I could not believe all the stories.
      Please keep on giving us information on this corruption in our court system. I am most displeased with everything I have heard, and even though I am not the police, I can look over the cases and laws and pass it on as something verifiable and genuine and something that should be investigated.

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