What makes a Court a Court?



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Dear Friends;

Today Atty Ken Ditkowsky answered the question for me, “what makes a court a court?”  why do we even have courts?  after all, they’re expensive.  the lawyers can be a pain in the butt.  I personally don’t understand sometimes why I have a Sullivans in my office that is 4″ thick and just filled with small print of all the laws, rules and regulations simply pertaining to mostly the Rules of Procedure in court–and that’s only Illinois.  Do people realize we have 5 sets of rules just for our own Cook County Circuit Court? 1) the Illinois legislature; 2) the Illinois Supreme Court; 3) the First Judicial District (Cook County and Suburbs) 4) Cook County Rules and 5) Local Rules for the Daley Center.  You don’t have to wonder why lawyers are nutz.  There’s 4″ of nutz for a Chicago lawyer to worry about.  But I digress, let’s get back to the concept of the court system, in general.

How did that all happen?  Long ago we had the justice with a sword, the machete, the guy that was bigger and meaner, we had brawls in the street.  But somehow our large brains (and perhaps the urgings of women) got everyone to agree, violence is not the solution–we must be civilized.  We must have Rules.  Then, we have to go to Court.

Okay, got that.  And the legislatures passed laws, and we formed the US based upon the principals of democracy, due process, a constitution guaranteeing the people rights, whereas before only the royalty and nobility had rights.  As in Alice in Wonderland, once a royal said “off with your head” you were a goner.  That concept wasn’t that long ago.  Of course, we could include the Magna Carta in 1215, but how many of us recall that document?  And it wasn’t allowed to be in general use by the public in England until the 18th century.  Not exactly a coup for the average Joe and Jane out there.

Many have already told me that perhaps Jurisdiction and all the rules is “a technicality” (thank you Scott).

But I have to vehemently disagree.  Many things are technicalities, and I know probably 90% of them in general legal practice.

JURISDICTION IS NEVER A TECHNICALITY.  It is a right that the people have fought for for millennia over the whims of the nobility and wealthy.

We have “due process” in the US, and if you know of a soldier or someone that’s fighting now, that’s exactly what they’re supposed to be fighting for–the rights endowed by our legal system to protect the commoner from oppression and whims of the nobility or “clout” (okay, I have to admit I don’t believe in war or violence, but that’s for another day, another debate).

In any case, Ken Ditkowsky is right and the ARDC and the miscreants are wrong.  So utterly wrong, I have no words for all of this.

Scott Evans asked me the other day if calling the miscreants “criminal” was over the top and if so, how so.  I had to tell him, not only is it right on point, but it is probably an understatement.  In my view, they are certainly America’s “Most Wanted” at this time. What is going on in our Probate court is worse than Greylord.  Not only have they commandeered our most precious asset in the US for piracy–our Circuit Courts, BUT they are the worst form of criminal, forming evil, greedy cabals, not investigating the financial abuse and exploitation of seniors, they create the crisis in our country where seniors are left to languish in nursing homes, alone and isolated while millions are squandered on probate attys fees, GAL fees, nursing home fees.

So, Ken I send you 1,000 angels for tomorrow.  You can do this.  You can fight for those that have no voice, for seniors that have asked for an independent attorney, for seniors that have asked for a family attorney that they have loved and respected for years, for seniors that are competent and have advance directives but those directives are ignored in Probate Court.  For our only last hope of civilization and that is due process.

Do it, go for it.  I am by you 1000%


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