From Gloria–Great comments on the trial of Ken Ditkowsky for helping Seniors, proposed legislation, etc.

Sent: Sep 3, 2012 7:25 AM
Dear Tom,

I am the youngest daughter of Mary G. Sykes: with all due respect we are legislated out of our protection zones and, unlike Micky Rooney or other celebrities who have been defined as having been “abused” and ” financially exploited” and placed into conservatorships and guardianships for protections from the perpetrators, my Mother and simply too many other innocents who are elderly and or disabled fall quietly into the grasp of the politically elite’s business as usual scam for financial gain! It’s been over 18 months since I was last able to speak to and or associate with my mother and the perpetrators have been able to target me in retaliation to shut me up and in doing so have rendered me a pauper and homeless: the game is one that is recognized in this damned reality of court sanctioned guardianships. Meanwhile where is my mother? Where is her voice? How does she appeal and escape the horrors of the guardianship she was forced into upon her objections as she intelligently stood before the court — unknowingly and without service of notice and or legal advocate, under the guise that her petition for an order of protection again her eldest daughter Carolyn Toerpe was to be heard and Toerpe would be stopped from taking control of her finances and person! Instead the court appointed Toerpe her plenary guardian! How does this happen?  It happened because the court and its appointed officers agreed to the guardianship because they knew that my mother’s estate was worth over a million dollars and that my estate too worth over a million dollars could and would soon be theirs for their own financial gains: but my mother fought back and did digital recordings and hand wrote notes and she directed me to find and retain attorney Kenneth Ditkowsky who, I did find and did retain to help me and friends and family get to the truth and save my mother’s life and then without notice or any rational Kenneth Ditkowsky too is threatened and sanctioned by the same court who, as my mothers superior guardian, needed to silence my mother and ultimately Ken and all people sho sought justice!  Sufficient perscription drugs and unethical medical doctors easily and without exams then step in and sign compency reports and there’s nothing more to say or do: the elderly and disabled are doomed to a hell no human being should experience: it appears that my mothers only way out is death itself and that Tom is why legislation is not the answer but the problem!

I suggest you fly I to Chicago for the ARDC hearings in September 6 and 7 and then and only then you decide …. What I find very interesting is that all these so called advocacy groups to stop guardianship abuse have been silent in the Ditkowsky case and so far none of then have responded to the invitation to witness first hand the power and control of America’s political elite of all people should step up and stand up to them and say “No you cant do this to Mary G Sykes, Gary Harvy, Erna,  the loved ones  of Jane, Annie, Lucinda, Brian, Lu, Rudy, Holly, Batbara, Holly et al or to Tim, Danny, Gail, et alia! Words are meaningless and wasted paper: our actions however do speak!  I invite you to participate in the witch hunts of guardianship abuses on the 6 and 7th September at the ARDC in Chicago and challenge you and others who say they want to stop the abuses — your presence is action and a sign to the political elite that we will not stop until we save the elderly and disabled from the horrors and whores of justice and our American Courts and the court appointed guardians whose intentions to exploit, abuse and ultimately murder are sanctioned by those who are paid by our tax dollars to protect!

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to meet you in Chicago next week! I’ll be one one carrying the sign outside the ARDC that says, Please Help Bring My Mother Home! And so I ask, Please help save my mothers life and In doing so you help save the lives of millions,

healthy regards,

1 thought on “From Gloria–Great comments on the trial of Ken Ditkowsky for helping Seniors, proposed legislation, etc.

  1. the probate court bills you to death, while the media looks the other way. maybe they’re on the payroll too. hope to attend your demonstration in chicago. rena

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