How to shoot the messenger effectively…….

Dear Readers;

Below Ken is summarizing the amazing abilities of Ms. Leah Black and the ARDC to shoot the messenger.  Ken did nothing wrong, but he shouted it from the rooftops that the Sykes court was without jurisdiction, that the proceeding was railroaded (as Jay Dolgin already had pointed out to me) and a million dollars in assets was missing.  So what did Ms. Leah Black do?  She shot the messenger, got tired and dropped her gun when the miscreants walked up to claim impunity.

And if anyone can help, I need a ride and will pay for parking. (My car got a bad wheel bearing on a holiday weekend!  Horrors.) I’ve given a ton of people rides to court before, so I hope someone will volunteer to pick me up on Sept 6, 7th, 2012 and off to the Prudential towers.

From Ken Ditkowsky;

I do  not know who are how many will attend my disciplinary hearing – many people have called and e mailed that they will be there to support me.   I do not know if any will show.   All I know is that I will be there and I will put on a spirited defense based upon 735 ILCS 110/5, the First Amendment, and the statute.

Regulatory agencies have an intimidation about them even to people who are not regulated by them.   This is how they remain in existence.    The Greylord scandal and the ARDC’s lack of due diligence should have caused a major shake-up.   17 judges going to jail should have motivated Ms. Black before she filed a disciplinary complaint against me to have read 755 ILCS 11a – 1 et seq.   The mandatory (jurisdictional) nature of the words and phrases of he Statute should have gotten her all excited and demanding that the Commission investigate Farenga, Stern, Schmiedel, Judge Connors, Judge Stuart et al.   When Ms. Black heard about the non-inventory of the collectibles she should have called the States Attorney and the IRS to investigate.    Ms. Black has a Himmel obligation, just as I do – but ******.
I’ve copied the Tribune and the Sun-Times – they and the other media outlets (and law enforcement) voice little concern that a 90 year old lady was taken from her home after she filed a Petition for protective order and stripped of her liberty, her property, her civil rights and her human rights.    They could care less that this 90 year old has been isolated from her younger daughter and her siblings.   Indeed – no one cares that the exploiters are a million dollars richer today than they were prior to their abuse and exploitation of Mary.    Indeed – NO ONE CARES!    except to silence everyone and anyone who might expose the perfidy!
 It is sad – everyone of us could be a Mary Sykes!  All we have to do is live long enough to be victimized by the privileged political elite.
Ken Ditkowsky

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