Ken Ditkowsky waives a right to privilege at the ARDC hearing

Dear Readers;

As you are aware, Ken Ditkowsky has an ARDC complaint against him mainly for calling for an investigation that $1 million in assets belonging to the Estate of Mary Sykes is missing!  The GAL’s run to court and scream, “crazy lady” and “no gold” “no assets” (meaning the other ladies in the family that confirm the bag of gold coins collected since approx. 1950 when gold was $25 an ounce–affordable for the middle class to collect), then you split up the loot in secret, sell the house, let one miscreant benefit from that, and the judge is always told there were no gold coins or cash in the mattress.  You conveniently forget to mention that the guardianship was railroaded, meaning it had to be slammed through the Probate Court so fast that the Sodini notices (written notice, from the Petitioner stating the date, time and place on a hearing for incompetency were never served giving the Probate Court actual jurisdiction).  This is despite the fact that jurisdiction is such an important due process concept that it MUST be brought to the court’s attention by any attorney involved in the proceeding.

Getting back to Ken….

Because his case involves one of the most fundamental and basic rights in the US-the right to publicly speak our minds, and speak our mind on issues of how grandma and grandpa should be treated, Ken is inviting us all to be there or be square.

He will be “on trial” for his scandalous activities of speaking out against corruption in Probate Court, lawlessness and lack of jurisdiction in the Sykes case.  That’s Sept. 6 and 7th, at the offices of the ARDC, the Prudential Building in Chicago starting at 9:30 am.

Why is Ken soooo upset about what is going on in Probate and why is the ARDC so sensitive it is willing to trample on Ken’s civil rights?  Because he asks the stinging questions of whether it is right to strip our seniors of their human and civil rights, drain their estates with attorney meddlings, running around in “probate court” filing documents and pleadings, well, let’s face it and be honest, benefit mostly the attorneys and a court that looks full of “important activities”.

Today in Rockford, I got a chance to talk to a family involved in probate, an over extending OPG (atty from the Office of Public Guardian), a GAL or Guardian ad Litem, both of whom were looking none too happy.

What I learned from family today is, they can put grandma in a home by getting the “right MD” to do a CCP 211.  Then they drug her at a dirty, smelly nursing home so she can’t get out. You might say, why doesn’t she just leave if she knows she does not want to be there and is competent?  Drugs, that’s how.  This woman was held down and injected with strong doses of Halodel–a most strong tranquilizer, if she didn’t take her regular pills, consisting of strong antipsychotic meds such as Seroquel, Librium, Risperdol, etc.  Of course, all this is illegal, but the Illinois nursing homes do it all the time to separate grandma and grandpa from a valuable asset–a home that is paid for in full!  And mega Pharma is complicit, providing a steady supply of these expensive drugs to the nursing homes without question, with seeming absolute impunity.

Imagine the terror when grandma wants to come home, you want to get her home, she is in  a squalid, filthy nursing home she desperately wants to get out of, put into the nursing home with a CCP211 that is a lie, bought and paid for by a family member with a long documented history of abuse, and she refused to take dangerous antipsychotic drugs such as Seroquel, Lexapro, etc. so they hold her down and shoot her up with Halodol–and all the drugs are strongly contraindicated for her due to her fragile elderly condition!  Caring family members who witness this are terrified.   The senior is terrified.

It happens in American, the land of the free(?) each and every day.

Want to know why this happens?  Greed, evil and corruption in the Probate Court.  Provisions of the Probate code ignored, eviscerated, and trampled upon by greedy attorneys and their equally greedy and evil family members.  Find an elder, find a paid for house, get a paid-for CCP 211 from an MD, and bingo, you’re there.  By putting a senior in a nursing home, long term and well known statistics indicate they only last a few more years–far less than they would at home.  You get your money fast–just like those commercials for settlement proceeds.

I personally, think it is unethical, immoral and any atty should be summarily disbarred for putting a senior in a nursing home to get ahold of an asset to churn an atty bill in probate, but that is currently the way it is done throughout the country! Probate courts sell homes all the time to pay atty fee and nursing home fees.  It’s a deadly, greedy tie in. Our elderly seniors simply don’t stand a chance.  Grandma is no longer lovingly cared for in her own home or that of a family member until she dies.  No money in that.

What has been pointed out to me is that doctors have gone to prison for medicare/medicaid fraud where they entice the homeless to enter a nursing home by giving them a small amount of cash, the older homeless person enters the nursing home, medicare/medicaid pays, and the doctor gets a kickback!  Those doctors have actually gone to prison for medicare/medicaid fraud.

What’s the difference between that and a lawyer that does it?  The lawyer GETS AWAY WITH IT.  Not only that, while the doctors only got a few thousand dollars for dumping a homeless person in a nursing home, the lawyer gets a boatload of cash in a paid for home.

The lawyers tells the family the home “must be sold” now because after the lawyer gets a CCP211 statement of incompetency from some miscreant in the family, one or both seniors get into a $5,000 to $7,000+ per month nursing home, the nursing home then liens the house and tells the family the house MUST be sold!

But wait, like a bad, late night TV show, it gets worse and worse.  Next thing you know, apparently in Rockford, they tell the family that there is a “75% rule” to sell the home, and that apparently is code for the fact it will be a private sale, to a wired in “friend”.  Either  a friend of the court and/or a friend of a relative can buy the home for 75% of it’s value if it’s “hard to sell.”  Hmmmm, never heard of that one.  Apparently, the home of an elder is not in prime real estate sale condition.  Seniors like their homes the way they are.  They might paint, and do general upkeep, but they don’t have the latest kitchens and baths, latest floor coverings from Home Depot, granite countertops and fancy sinks, so now the house can’t be sold at a premium, so the Rockford courts (and I thought the 18th floor of the Daley Center in Chicago was bad), wait until you hear this one, have cocked up the “75% rule”.  And I am told the family has no say in this sale.  The Guardian and the GAL/OPG just push em thru the courts on a regular basis and tell the family “it must be done this way.”

Docs get prison for dumping the homeless in ratty nursing homes for a few thousand in kickbacks.  BUT lawyers apparently do it “looking busy and important” in probate court while at the same time, raking in the cash and dough!  Lawyers get $100,000 or more when grandma’s house is sold because the probate case was “so long and hard, with all the family discussions, fights, etc.”–yeah, fights the attorneys churned during the probate proceeding.

Doesn’t anyone see the need to pass federal litigation that no senior should have to sell the house she lives in to pay Probate Court attorney fees?  That would put the proper chilling effect on the entire process.

The highlight of my day today was, when I brought up the fact that a case was clearly and facially without jurisdiction–even from a casual glance of the Probate file it is clear that no one in the family received the Sodini notices of the hearing because it was moved 3 days earlier and again, the Petition for Guardianship was deficient on it’s face (not all close relatives were named), when I told the judge I wanted summary argument, this was an emergency, she said, “what?  it’s not an emergency, it’s been going on for 3 years!” I replied, “indicating even more the urgency to dismiss the case and remove the senior and her family from an abusive, burdensome and oppressive guardianship that has stripped this woman of all her legal and civil rights.”  No reply from the judge on that one.  The GAL and OPG wouldn’t even look at me, and just looked down.

No one was happy.

We need to start calling on the attorneys in these cases to do the right thing, come forward with the lack of jurisdiction as officers of the court should do–be honest, call for an investigation of these corrupt cases, and most important and right now, call to dismiss the Probate case and free Mary Sykes!  On September 5 and 6th we need calls to the ARDC to dismiss the case against Ken Ditkowsky for speaking out against this evil form of corruption snaking around our very own Illinois Probate Courts!

Ken is a hero and not a pariah!


PS–I am going to fax this to Atty Leah Black at the ARDC and tell her (for the gazillionth time) that the problem of greed, corruption and lack of jurisdiction is truly endemic in the Probate court and Atty Ken Ditkowsky is only telling the truth.

PPS–I’ll drop her a copy of Wyman’s “Against Her Will” book in the mail tomorrow also.  She needs to read it.  I now have about a dozen copies.

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