Altered court orders, fabricating attorneys, the saga continues

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While Gloria was kind enough to email me the attached orders today, and of course, she had more than a few choice words for all the shenanigans of the miscreants, she has not provided any commentary for publication–yet.

As you are aware, I was in court on that fateful day, August 16, 2012 when Gloria brought her Motion to Dismiss for lack of Jurisdiction (Sodin), and the miscreants, of course, came up with 3 big lies about it 1) numerous prior court orders existed denying Gloria’s Motion to Dismiss; 2) PS said the issue was taken up on appeal and it was argued and the appellate court affirmed the trial court–big lie no. 2, I published the order dismissing for formating non-compliance–not on the merits and the best one, 3) Gloria’s exhibits and testimony were barred.

Going back to last Thursday, I believe 3 orders were drafted up on those 3 issues 1) the Motion to Dismiss (and Gloria asked the judge to add in the grounds and she did–numerous Motion to Dismiss had been denied; 2) a motion to enter and continue Dr. Shaw’s testimony; and 3) I believe Amanda wanted the judge to issue another order firmly barring all of Gloria’s evidence and testimony.

Orders one and two are linked below:

Nothing like the time honored true fashion of if you don’t like what the order said when the parties agreed, just get the judge behind closed doors and get her to alter it.  And do it messily and have two “entered” stamps on it.

Even a grammar school child can forge a parental note with more skill and care than the minimal amount which was taken in this matter to cover up the tracks of their torts by these bumbling miscreants!

And look where they are throwing their excreta?  Right at Judge Connors, who, btw, was sitting in a deposition taken by the ARDC in KD’s complaint.  KD says he got Judge Connors to admit a number of missteps, most likely the deficient Petition for Guardianship not naming all the relatives, the defective service on Mary, etc.  Further he got her to admit she knew about the Sodini case!  Amazing.  Apparently where you can find plenty of manure just back shovel onto someone sitting on the hot seat already.  Nevermind the fact this case has been dancing around in 1804 for nearly 2 years with Judge Stuart and no investigation into jurisdiction then.


PS–Hey Adam, good call on the preamble about the denial of Gloria’s Motion to Dismiss Non suit where it says the issues was brought up on appeal of the Dec 2009 order and the appeal dismissed.  Good job there on the frugality with truth where you had the foresight to leave out the most important phrase “on the merits.”  Good thinking that no one will notice the operative fact that it was dismissed on other grounds, most notably formatting issues and 341 compliance.  Yep, if you’re going to be an expert at misleading the court, always be sure to only write the first half of a sentence and conveniently forget the rest of it.

Of course, when you get caught, the judge might really get ticked off at you and never trust you again, but………

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  1. my case danced around for 2 yrs. in 1804. the bills are a joke. phone calls last 1 hr atty fee 900.00$. a lady atty ms, casey managed to use postage adding up to $135.00.

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