From Ken Ditkowsky – a good question, where is the IAG, the State’s Atty, etc.? Extended coffee breaks?

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Aug 5, 2012 10:36 AM
To: states attorney , mary wooley state police , Cook County Sheriff , matt senator kirk , Chicago Tribune , SUNTIMES , GLORIA Jean SYKES
Cc: “Chief David E.. Dial Naperville” , Tim Lahrman NASGA
Subject: Fw: forgot something…. – son of greylord

It is interesting everyone complains of corruption in the political system of Illinois and in particular Cook County and in these Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation cases with all the perfidy on the table, with the miscreants being challenged from many sources to tell the truth,  and with the world watching the miscreants are immune from investigation, immune from punishment, and even immune from criticism.     A super secret vitiation of the First Amendment has been imposed and a scurrilous witch hunt is in full force reasonably calculated to silent any citizen and in particularly attorney who objects to ‘grandma’ being stripped naked of her liberty, property, civil rights and human rights .
Greylord was a parallel to the current situation.    17 judges went to jail in Greylord!    In recent months 2 Illinois Governors went to jail.   Scores of other political figures have been domiciled in Federal prisons.     Where is the Illinois government!     Where is the Attorney General?     Where is the States Attorney?      We know where the legal profession is – they are either hiding or they are protecting the miscreants.     The State of Illinois motto should either be changed to ‘corruption’  or  ‘shame.’
Unfortunately, Illinois is not alone and this epidemic has infected just about every one of the 50 states.     The Sykes case is a perfect case for prosecution, as by my calculation over a million dollars in Federal and State Income taxes have not been paid.    ( I am assuming that assets not inventoried were not reported as income on tax returns).      Ms. Sykes indicates that the isolation of Mary Sykes still continues in full force and effect and her family (including her daughter and siblings) do not know if she is alive of dead!     If Mary is dead the odds are very good that she was ‘murdered!’    I’ve copied the Naperville, Illinois  Police Department so that they can do a wellness check.     We certainly do not want another situation (like in the Bush case) that cremation was quickly attempted so that the acceleration of death would not be detected.      It should be noted that the pre-cover-up interpretation of the law was that if you accelerated the time/date of death of another person it was a homicide.    If your action was intentional it was a murder.    Buck vs. Bell is not the law of the United States of America, but you were never know it when you examined the Gulag that is the Sykes case.
If law enforcement does not have anything to hide let us have an honest, complete and comprehensive investigation of the Sykes case right now!   It is time for Illinois to do something to re-mediate its terrible reputation and demonstrate the at least Illinois citizens and their elected officials have respect for the Rule of Law and will not tolerate the exploitation of the elderly by Court appointed predators.  
Ken Ditkowsky

Dear Ken;

You bring up an excellent point, as the Sykes family attorney, you knew about the coins for years.  Has any law enforcement called you about their disappearance?  I bet not one.  CF and AS keep on telling the court they are Gloria’s imagination.  The miscreants do not mention you were the family attorney, you did the Sykes family estate planning and those assets were disclosed to you in an inventory in the normal course of your business.  why is there story A for court and story B for the rest of the family and attys trying to help the family?

Why do AS and CF keep on telling the court one story and not the other?   Why doesn’t law enforcement look into all of this?  Where did the money come from for what the Toerpe’s have spent?  Okay, maybe this is all innocent and they won the lottery legally, but where is the investigation?

Any FBI or Illinois law enforcement officer could easily do an asset search in minutes, get credit card statements in minutes.  Figure out the laundering of this.  Where were the gold coins sold?  What is the path of their cash dealings?

And a better question is, how is it I keep on faxing Diane Saltoun, Executive Director of the IAG, Hon. Judge Timothy Evans, Presiding Judge of the Cook County Circuit Court, Atty Leah Black at the Ill. ARDC and others screaming the Sykes case has gone on without jurisdiction for 3 years since Dec 7, 2009, and I get nary a response?  How is this happening?
Yesterday, I saw in the SunTimes paper Lisa Madigan wrote an entire article (or perhaps wasted it) on student loan predatory lending practices and mentioned numerous well known offenders–as if this is news.  Heck, unless you’re brain dead, everyone’s been clamouring about that for years and years now.

But one little old lady and nothing.  Nada.  Barely a peep.  Mary has been suffering for 3 years now, tossed out of her home, her daughter whom I know she loves dearly and whom Mary wanted to live with her for 10 years–Gloria.  What happens when CT gets appointed Plenary Guardian–she evicts her own sister?

Is this the kind, caring person you want to be for your own guardian.  Someone that would evict her own sister that has been a long time caregiver of mom for 10+ years.

Who runs a Probate Court and provides laws that condones that type of desperate human cruelty?

Are these not our duly elected officials?  Aren’t they all attorneys who know how important it is to have jurisdiction (an important constitutional right belonging to Mary G Sykes)..

You park in a bus stop in Chicago, and the ticket is $100 and is doubled in about 2 weeks and the collections efforts are relentless by the city, but dozens of faxes, emails, cries for help for one elderly grandma, and everything is IGNORED, IGNORED, IGNORED.

I have a lot of questions, but no answers.

thanks for another excellent post.


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