From Ken Ditkowsky — a summary of the miscreants

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Aug 1, 2012 7:47 PM
To: GLORIA Jean SYKES , Lucinda , NASGA , “” , Tim Lahrman NASGA , matt senator kirk , LUCIUS VERENUS , states attorney , Sherrif Dart , Elaine NAsga
Cc: scott evans , “” , Chicago Tribune , “”
Subject: Re: Joanne Denison’s Contrived “Motion to Dismiss/Non Suit for Lack of Sodini Jurisdiction”

The hard truth is this: Cynthia Farenga and Adam Stern agreed to disregard, cover-up, destroy the ‘truths’ in the Sykes case in order to comply with an agreement between them and Toerpe and Toerpe’s attorneys for financial gain. ” [Gloria’s comments, Ken’s reply]
taking these words out of the context of the sentence that they were in, these words could be defamatory.    (Let us ignore innocent construction and the opinion arguments -also let us ignore the fact that Farenga and Stern are public officials – the spurious ARDC complaint against me verifies that statement)    Can we prove these words?    Yes, we can do it by strong circumstantial evidence reciting the following facts:
1) Cynthia Farenga is obsessed by who is getting paid and what.
2) Cynthia Farenga squeezes the buffalo on the nickel so hard that the Animal Rights groups are suing her for cruelty to animals, however, she has filed no fee petition.
3)  Cynthia Farenga knows all about the million dollars in assets that we taken from the safety deposit boxes and the assets that we taken from the house and has not reported the same to the Court.   At the very least Farenga was aware of the serious allegation and could have verified the same with a scintilla of effort, yet she never reported the same as an allegation.
4) Cynthia Farenga refuses to join in an investigation of the Sykes case, ergo she and Stern are hiding something.
If you need more proof of a cover-up,  Brodsky suddenly turned on Gloria when she refused to sign a ‘settlement agreement’ that essentially was a concession agreement.   He was so upset that he went around trying to recruit family members to join in reporting to the Court that Gloria was bi-polar.    I suggested that Gloria would have been proven more than bi-polar if she had signed the settlement agreement.   That of course earned me a bunch of complaints to the ARDC.
Members of choir – like it not it is my opinion  – that  I would not be surprised if at some point in time Farenga or Stern confirms the ‘hard truth’ of the statement in brackets below:.
[WHAT WE NEED IS AN HONEST, COMPLETE, AND COMPREHENSIVE INVESTIGATON BY LAW ENFORCEMENT SO THE OBJECTIVE TRUTH WILL BE ON THE TABLE FOR ALL TO SEE, HEAR AND PONDER.    JoAnne Denison called for Cynthia Farenga to do the ‘right thing’ and inform the court that the Sodini protections were not afforded Mary Sykes and therefore as matter of law the Probate Court had no jurisdiction to appoint Troepe as plenary guardian or to do some of the terrible things that it has done.]
from Ken Ditkowsky, edited for grammar and typos only.

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