In furtherance of the EB podcast: Why is the Catholic Church obtaining land via probate (guardianship and decedent’s estates)

If anyone has any information on what this is going on, please contact me, or 773.255.7608. I would love to hear about it.

I just don’t understand how the Catholic Church can sue 2 elderly Christian ladies to take farmland from them. Who does this? Why is this happening?

Here is one such case going on now in Abingdon, Illinois, Knox County Courthouse, Judge Curtis Lane, who threatened the defendants, two elderly women with jail THREE TIMES, and was not recused, and the transcripts do not show any good reason why.

Here is the Motion to Recuse the Judge for Cause because he threatened two elderly women with jail in the courtroom:

Here is the Answer to the Second Amended Complaint:

Motion to Dismiss Second Amended Complaint

Here is the Motion to Substitute Judge Curtis Lane for Cause for yelling at the elderly Williamson sisters he will send them to jail. Can anyone read the transcript and tell me for what? It is not at all clear from the transcript. I understand Judge Curtis Lane in Knox county is appointed, not elected, so that might explain it.

Here are the exhibits to the Motion to Substitute Judge Lane for Cause

Now if anyone can tell me why 1) Judge Lane keeps on yelling at the Williamsons and he’s always harsh and demanding on them, but he treats attorneys Robertson and Mangeri like landed princely gentry and 2) why is the Catholic Church suing the Williamsons over a farm and timeberland dispute. The Williamsons want to keep the land as it is. If the Catholic Church gets ahold of it, they will likely log it and remove thousands of beautiful old trees. I do not understand this case, but people are complaining to me about it.


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