From the IARDC: more fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud and theft

Fwd: Joanne Denison – ARDC LIEN – Closing: 2/16
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MICHAEL RIVAS <>Wed, Feb 16, 2022 at 7:27 AM
To: JoAnne M Denison <>, Brian Thompson <>, Sharon E Corse <>
Sent from my iPhoneBegin forwarded message:From: “Brown, Amy” <>
Date: February 15, 2022 at 5:27:17 PM CST
To: Michael Rivas <>,
Cc: “Lowery, Mary” <>
Subject: RE: Joanne Denison – ARDC LIEN – Closing: 2/16Good evening:  I was not at my computer today.  I will be in the office all day tomorrow.  We are in the process of calculating the interest on the $17,554.58 judgment.  I should have an answer to you by tomorrow (Wednesday).  Sorry for the delay.  Amy Amy G. BrownSenior Litigation ParalegalAttorney Registration & Disciplinary Commissionof the Supreme Court of Illinois130 East Randolph, St. 1500Chicago, Illinois 60601312-565-2600 (main)312-565-2320 (fax)312-540-5248 (direct)   From: Michael Rivas <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2022 8:44 AM
Cc: Brown, Amy <>
Subject: Joanne Denison – ARDC LIEN – Closing: 2/16 Brian:     I have still have not received an invoice from the ARDC concerning the above. If nothing is received by the end of business day, I would suggest setting aside $30K in escrow – Mike Rivas

JoAnne M Denison <>Wed, Feb 16, 2022 at 9:30 AM
I am objecting to paying off that lien. It’s a false judgment in the court reporter was unlicensed and it should have been taken care of months ago[Quoted text hidden]

JoAnne M Denison <>Wed, Feb 16, 2022 at 9:45 AM
To: MICHAEL RIVAS <>,, Kenneth Ditkowsky <>Cc: Brian Thompson <>, Sharon E Corse <>
Dear Amy;I am objecting to any payout on the ARDC loan. It fully is false and fraudulent lien.  If there is a payout instead of a full release, I will sue everyone involved at the ARDC, including you, personally and I will drag the  ARDC through the mud again for their perfidy and mendacity.The amount is based upon transcripts prepared for an unlicensed court reporter.  You can look that up, you can call the IDPFR and get the documents.  She was unlicensed for 10 years and had to voluntarily surrender her license.  If the court reporter is unlicensed, there is no judgment in the case.I have warned Sharon Opryszek that the lien is false and fraudulent and she said nothing. She did nothing about it.  I have no intention of ever becoming licensed again through the IARDC, because it is a criminal organization.I am herewith demanding the IARDC send my attorney, Michael Rivas, a full release of this loan instead.Thank  you for your cooperation.The pleadings for my case are published on my blog and are in the IARDC files.You have been forewarned.  Govern yourself accordingly,  Do the right thing.Joanne Denisoncc:[Quoted text hidden]–
JoAnne Denison, Justice 4 Every1, NFP, 5534 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60634.  work phone 312;553-1300 efax 773-423-4455; cell phone 773-255-7608.  NOTE:  Joanne Denison is not a licensed attorney and does not provide any legal opinions or advice.  She is an expert consultant in political/court corruption; follow my blog at to promote judicial integrity and accountability.
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I will be filing a police report on this attempted fraud and theft

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