From YT: How nursing homes hide profits while Residents suffer–Investigative Report

89 year old woman lives in a nursing home for a short time, falls twice, says “she never wants to come back here”

Why do we have so many elderly in nursing homes? Why do the courts, GALs and attorneys routinely place them there without any study of the falls, diseases, injuries, wrong medications?

In this documentary, the patient gets fed 120 mg of morphine in apple sauce! She got the wrong medications.

There was 40 patients to one nurse.

In many nursing homes, if the family isn’t there to feed the patient, and the patient needs feeding assistant, they do not eat (Jay Brochmesch, report by Joyce Ketelhut, the daughter, nursing home in Chicago).

They routinely fail to check vitals on a regular basis, and no one is monitoring this.

In a lawsuit, filed by the woman in the video, the suit accuses the nursing home of intentionally decreasing staff in order to increase profits (Life Care of America) which operates over 200 facilities across the US.

On third of all medicare beneficiaries suffer some sort of harm within the first two weeks of arrival at a nursing facility (8:33)

Over 90,000 patients experience bed sores each year (8:39) Bed sores are per se negligence. 380,000 patients die from infections in care facilities. (8:43)

The industry gets almost all of its money from taxpayers at $80 billion per year.

They always tell lawmakers they need more.

The books shown to the public always show little, if no profits.

But is this true? The report claims nursing home owners game the system

(9:56) Forest Preston is the owner of Life Care and is one of the richest persons in the US. Most people do not know who this guy is.

Next to nothing is known about Preston or Life Care. (11:20)

Nursing homes in the past have laundered their profits via friends and family, while neglecting patients.

Nursing homes use shell corporations to move around money (15:34). A shell corporation holds no assets, conducts no real business other than holding and hiding money and moving it around. A shell corporation is typically used by dark (criminal) corporations to hide dark money or criminal profits.

(21:00) Elderly man delivered from nursing home to hospital found dehydrated and malnourished and with 28 bed sores. All toes had to be amputated. His should was scraped out the size of a nursing home.

Nursing Home Care Act mandates state inspections and regulations for patient care. (23:47) however, patients continue to receive grossly inadequate and even harmful care. Nursing home inspectors have been found to consistently overlook dangerous conditions and wrongfully labeling them as “not harmful to patients” even after involving actual harm to patients.

(24:28) It is noted that if this happens to child care facilities there is always immediate shut down and immediate arrest. This never happens in the nursing home business. When children are injured, there is outcry and arrests. When it involves elderly patients, injuries are hidden and nothing is ever done. Facilities are not shut down and no arrests are made.

(28.41) Over 50% of staff at Life Care who filed complaints with the state were later fired by Life Care.

When I and another probate victim asked the state inspectors why they hadn’t moved on the Carol Wyman injury/rape report for over 9 months, we were told, they only had a few inspectors in Chicago, about 3.

In Illinois they do have a state law that family can set up cameras to watch over their loved ones in nursing homes.

Forrest Preston has an estimated wealthy of $1.2 billion. You can view his massive estate, yacht and private jet here.

Remember this as your loved ones languish on in a nursing home that claims it is nearly bankrupt, needs more federal $$$$, but is closely associated with a fleet of shell corporations to transfer money to.

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