From FB: Nursing homes used strong sedatives on Covid patients which killed many

CARE homes have been accused of using strong sedatives to kill coronavirus victims more quickly.

Prescriptions for midazolam exploded at the height of the pandemic, with some claiming that it “transformed end-of-life care into euthanasia”.

⚠️ Read our live coronavirus blog for the latest news and updates2Nursing Homes Charged With Using Strong Sedatives To Quickly Kill Covid-19 Victims In Nursing HomesCredit: Getty – Contributor

Official figures indicate that 38,352 hospital discharge orders for midazolam were issued in April, more than double the figure for February.

The monthly average for the past five years in England has been around 15,000.

An anti-euthanasia activist said the spike is proof that nursing homes have put their residents on “end-of-life” pathways, reports MailOnline.

Whistleblowers also claimed to have witnessed the abuse of sedatives – staff instructed to give them to dementia patients to prevent them from wandering the hallways.

Sun Online could not verify these claims.

Retired neurologist Professor Patrick Pullicino, who has exposed the wrongful administration of powerful pain relief to patients suspected of dying on the Liverpool Care Pathway, is concerned that the same thing will happen again.

He told MailOnline, “Midazolam depresses breathing and accelerates death. It turns end-of-life care into euthanasia. ”

He also claimed that some Covid-19 patients were wrongfully kept out of the hospital, despite the fact that their admission could have saved their lives.

Professor Pullicino accuses an official organization chart designed to help health workers decide which patients should be admitted to intensive care.

“To me, this flow chart encouraged the use of end-of-life sedation with midazolam – effectively leading to euthanasia routes,” he said.

Eileen Chubb of the Compassion in Care charity said that nursing home workers told her they thought the sedatives were used too freely during the pandemic.

She said some staff had the “final impression” that residents of very sick care homes should not be sent to the hospital.

The Association for Palliative Medicine responded and said there were good reasons for the increase in prescriptions for midazolam.

Dr. Amy Proffitt of the Association for Palliative Medicine told MailOnline, “I absolutely don’t believe there have been cases of euthanasia in nursing homes linked to Covid-19. ”

She said the drug was an obvious choice for patients with breathing difficulties – one of the main symptoms of coronavirus.

She added, “I can understand why people raise concerns, but when prescribed and used appropriately, midazolam will not accelerate or prolong someone’s death – it will only comfort. “

2 thoughts on “From FB: Nursing homes used strong sedatives on Covid patients which killed many

  1. No surprise here. Global polices with regard to COV$D seem to be, “Those old people don’t need their pensions any more.” They should have given them ######## instead — but where’s the profit in that?

    • I think the reason why they’re giving them said it is is simply because they don’t want to be bothered with them and they don’t really care about them. However from other places on the blog I think you are aware that this isn’t illegal practice and if anybody needs the CFR citation on that I would be glad to dig it up. However with respect to all of these drugs such as hydroxymoron and either moron and whatever they come up with the reality of the situation is everyone is better off simply taking liposomal vitamin c 2 g per day 5,000 units of D3 probiotics and 2 g of MSM sulfur. That’s what I take in it’s all safe and it’s all natural. I am not in favor of an anti-parasitic for a viral infection and certainly not a prescription one. If you want to take an anti-parasitic that is safe and all natural what I currently give my pets is black walnut and wormwood combination which is now brand. I strongly suggest that people try all natural solutions when they first get sick and that will most likely keep them from ending up in the hospital. Liposomal vitamin c is extremely effective against all types of viruses and bacterial infections. It is safe and all natural and this is well documented. D3 is also great and stops bacterial and viral infections. Again safe and all natural. They’re also healing teas such as Ojibwa and pau d arco which are safe and all natural and very inexpensive. Going to a prescription medicine should be a last resort. That’s what hospitals are for but I would not start out with those types of remedies.

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