From KKD: Complaint by unethical attorney Elizabeth Cassanova of the OPG to cover up a crime

So why isn’t the states attorneys and FBI doing anything about the fact that Dean Sallas and his wife are the victims of a crime, and Elizabeth Cassanova and Charles Golbert and directly involved in the criminal activity and are using the ARDC to cover up their $9 million crime?

Dear Ms. Opryszek, and Ms. Andrzejewski
Please take notice that I will respond to your letter shortly after the 4th of July more fully if your are not still not blocking my e-mails.   
 I know that it offends the individuals who are engaged in or sympatic to the cottage industry of ELDER CLEANISNG (HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN THE ELDERLY).   However, pursuant to my duty as an American citizen, the First Amendment to the United States Constitution,  Himmel and common decency, I’ve continued to send to you information concerning the moneylaunding, kidnapping, theft, elder abuse and varioius other felonies that that still come to my attention.    The fact that I retired almost a decade ago does  not mean that I gave up my duty pursuant 18 USCA 4 or my moral compass.    It is the act of a horrible and terrible person to watch without complaint the humilation, exploitation and predation of senior citizens such as Dean Sallas and Amelia Sallas by corrupt judical officals claiming to act with the scope of their authority.
Law enforcement is finally commencing with prosecution of some of the Court appointed guardians who are terrorizing the elderly.   Ms. Fierle and others no longer are complacent in the knowledge that they have license to continue their predation of the elderly.   Indeed, even the media is giving ink to this travesty that for too long as enjoyed immunity.   The elderly should not be stripped of their lives and property by our Courts!   By as separate cover I will be forwarding to you a letter that explains this situation more fully.
That said, I am sharing your letter with Law enforcement as it appears quite obvious to me and others that your communication to me is intended to intidmiate me, just like Ms. Opryszek attempted with Ms. Denison and Mr. Sallas.     The subpeona of Mr. Sallas’ Google account was clearly a violation of his right of privacy and wrong.   As a Citizen of the United States of America I was offended by such clearly ethically challenged conduct.  What Mr. Sallas purchased or services he obtained from Google is entirely foreign to the IARDC even if he were an attorney – but he is not and at 84 years old I doubt that he will be seeking to become an attorney.    
Your letter mentions the case of Byline Bank vs. Amelia Sallas  2019 CH 13960.    You suggest that I was practicing law in relation to the case.    Indeed, if I had been engaged in the defense of said case, the proceedings would not be so tame.    I trust you are aware that when the Byline Bank negotiated the documents that form the basis of their forclosure suit the violated 755 ILCS 5/11a -22.   (And propbably violated the Federal Mail fraud and Wire Fraud acts as well as the prohibitions of Elder financial abuse set forth in recent Federal legislation and the Care act.)    In the years that I practice law I was not docile and would have addressed the criminal conduct that has been disclosed as having occurred in relation to the underlying loan transaction with personal visits to the FDIC, State regulators etc and I would have filed counterclaims (and cross complaints) and jury demands.   Financial elder abuse is not to be tolerated and those who engage in such conduct are repehensible people.     Those who foster such conduct are usually deemed conspirators and enjoy criminal prosecutions.
This mortgage foreclosure case opens the window to the alleged felonies that are now being uncovered by journalists, activists, gadflies and other who are struck by the obvious misconduct of the Guardian – Mr. Charles P Golbert and the presiding Judge.    For instance, one journalist found that Judge Boliker has had 3 relatively recent forclosures filed against her and her husband and her husband has business loans with the Byline Bank.  Mr. Sallas and some sympathic good citizens have been able to uncover some very disturbing facts concerning Mr. Golbert’s conduct.   I’ve forwarded to the IARDC information concerning the same as it assaults the basic principles of our Constitution and our demoocracy.    
I and other citizens across America are in the process of writing  citizen letters to the Department of Justice demanding CRIMINAL PROSECUTION of the miscreants who are brutalizing our senior citizens in these guardianships – and those who are aiding a betting in the financial and other elder abuse.    It is my current intention to forward my citizen letter to every law enforcement agency including but not limited Law groups.   I will see that you obtain a copy.   
Treat yourself to a Happy 4th.

Ken Ditkowsky

On Friday, July 2, 2021, 12:07:19 PM CDT, Andrzejewski, Vicki <> wrote:

Attached please find correspondence from the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission. During the COVID-19 emergency, ARDC staff is working remotely, and email is our preferred method of communication. Please submit any email communications regarding this matter to: If you have any questions or need to speak with a member of our staff, please call our general number: (312) 565-2600. On behalf of Sharon D. Opryszek.  Vicki J. AndrzejewskiAttorney Registration & Disciplinary CommissionOne Prudential Plaza130 East Randolph Drive, Ste. 1500Chicago, IL 60601Telephone: (312) 565-2600  Attachments areaReplyReply allForward

Here is the file they attached. Note that none of Elizabeth Cassanova, nor Charles Golbert nor the OPG (office of public guardian) have any attorney client or any other confidentiality because these documents were properly obtain via Ken Ditkowsky and these individuals Elizabeth Cassanova, Charles Golbert, the ARDC, Sharon Opryszek and Vicki Andrezejewski are directly involved in a felonious criminal conspiracy and the public has a right to know which state agencies (OPG and ARDC) are using taxpayer funds to commit and cover up crimes against the elderly.

Write your state representative now and demand that these attorneys be delicensed and that the ARDC and the OPG clean it’s house of this nefarious criminal activity.

Here is the file they sent Ken Ditkowsky:

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