From KKD; Harassment by the ARDC in revealing corruption by the Office of Public Guardain is not acceptible

I think your attorney harassing Dean Sallas with a subpoena is not only
outrageous but an embarrassment to the entire legal profession. Dean at 84 is
not and never has been an attorney and his dealings with x, y, and z are NONE OF
THE IARDC’S business.
The over-reach by your IARDC attorney cannot be swept under the rug as it is so
beyond propriety it should be a termination offense! In fact her total
disregard for the CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTIONS of citizen DEAN SALLAS should
result in termination of her LAW LICENSE. iNDIVIDUALS in the public sector
who so blatantly thread on the Constitution cannot be allowed public license.
Respect for the RULE OF LAW and the Constitution are not to be taken lightly.
Please let me make an observation – Ms. O did forward a letter she apparently
received from Attorney Elizabeth Casanova. This letter was similarly grossly
inappropriate. The letter claims that Dean Sallas might be obtaining help in
resisting the clearly criminal conduct emanating out of the COOK COUNTY PUBLIC
GUARDIAN’S OFFICE. Attorney Casanova apparently has no understanding of the
Illinois and United States Constitutions and in particular the 1st Amendment.
Such lack of understanding and the maintenance of a law license are
incompatible. If Ms. Casanova does not recognize the 1st Amendment such is her
right – but when she uses public offices to advance such lack of respect the
activity crosses the line and the IARDC should take action.
Most importantly, Dean Sallas – a citizen – has made some very serious averments
in his MOTIONS in the Circuit Court. They are all accurate! The public is
now aware of those allegation – WHY IS THE IARDC not acting to protect the
public from the public officials who have soiled their oath?
If certainly is a disgrace that the IARDC joins forces with the miscreant public
officials who are openly and notoriously making war on Grandma!
Kenneth Ditkowsk

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