Ken Ditkowsky is actively working on the Dean and Amy Sallas case and sending details of the corruption and criminal actions everywhere

Fw: response to casanova complaint – In re: Amelia SAllas 07 P 5360, Byline BAnk vs. Amelia Sallas


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Than you for sending me a copy of your resonse to Ms Casnovia’s complaint to the IARDC concerning the fact that Dean Sallas was able to attend the July 28, 2020 hearing and to learn about the 755 ILCS 5/11a – 22 criminal violation that occurred on January 25, 2018.    

While Ms. Casanovia does no say so in her letter of complaint what really frosts her was that he lack of candor in Judge Boliker’s courtroom on February 15, 2018 (and apparently at other times) was exposed.    
whether Mr. Golbert has any intellectual or other respect for Judge Boliker as he appointed fiduciary he does have to at least give the expression of respect.    Dean was over at the house yesterday and he pointed out some items in the 11th current account that if I were Judge Boliker at the present time I would be livid.   
Let me be mores specific.   On February 15, 2018 when Casanovia appeared for Golbert in Judge Boliker’s courtroom she was careful NOT TO MENTION THE FACT THAT THE LOAN DOCUMENTS HAD BEEN ALREADY SIGNED BY AMY.   This had to be deliberate.    On July 28, 2020 Ms. Casanova again was careful not to disclose to Judge Boliker that CHARLES GOLBERT, the COOK COUNTY PUBLIC GUARDIAN, had signed a blank signature page that was attached to EXHIBIT h – The predatory loan documents!   He had not executed an EXCULPATION CLAUSE and therefore the words and phrases of the signature page made him personally liable on the loan.
It appears from papers furnished Dean by Byline Bank that Golbert has attempted to at this late to negotiate an exculpation from the Byline Bank.    This also was not disclosed to Judge Boliker.  He and Ms. Casanovia appear completely confident that the Judge will rubber stamp anything that they put in front of her and will allow the abandonment of $300,000 in equity.   
In the olden days – back in the 2oth Century lawyers protected a Judge from being ‘sold!’  I remember on several occasions telling a Judge he was being ‘played’ or ‘sold.’   The 1st was at a Kiwanis meeting in direct response to a question and the 2nd when the Judge gave me ride home and confided in me that he was upset by something that occurred in his courtroom on that day.   Had I not been asked the question directly I would have volunteered it.   Judge Boliker is entitled to same courtesy BUT I do not expect anyone will provide her with it.
As the Attorney General of the State and the Illinois Department of Aging are both designated to help seniors who are being exploited I’ve copied both in this e-mail.   I’ve also coied the FBI and others.  Everyone is on the record as being against the HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN THE ELDERLY however,  the no one has stepped up to help Dean Sallas or any of the other victims.

Ken Ditkowsky

1 thought on “Ken Ditkowsky is actively working on the Dean and Amy Sallas case and sending details of the corruption and criminal actions everywhere

  1. We are still in an active case against Kindred Hospital where they had planned to put my Mom in guardianship and pierce the Trust and take everything. Strangely we just found out our youngest sister was in cahoots with Kindred to protect herself from forfeiture of property she bought with an interest only loan from our parents’ trust.
    Strangely, while under the care of my sister and her trollish caregivers my once fit Mom died.

    I look for help from your publications, and wonder why I no longer get your emailed newsletters at

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