From KKD; the ARDC is at it again, threatening, harassing and intimidating

Earlier today from 10 am to approximately 1:30 pm, attorney Sharon Opryszek of the Illinois ARDC insisted on taking my deposition over a blog post regarding Alan Dannowitz, a targeted individual. There was nothing wrong with that post and I told SO so, but she continued to harass me over it. She asked why I did not file a petition to become reinstated after my suspension was over and I responded that I had morals and ethics and had no desire to be part of an overtly corrupt organization (the IARDC) and that will only happen when hell freezes over at least 3 times, maybe more. I pointed out the fact the judgment was false and she knew it, the court reporter was unlicensed for 10 years, was under an IDPFR order to return any moneys she took for court reporting during that time and Illinois law provides any judgment from a trial where the court reporter is unlicensed is invalid. She had nothing to say about that.

I knew the deposition was nothing but harassment because:

  1. she refused my reasonable request to change the time from 10 am to 2 pm.
  2. she refused my request for a copy of the transcript to be made public and published on this blog
  3. she was not interested in any case law that clearly supported my position (Alvarez case, Kentucky therapist case, 7th circuit and other cases on sealing files, etc.)
  4. she continually attempted to mischaraterize and twist my words until I started to twist her words around and then it was no fun for her any longer.

I am demanding that attorney Opryszek provide me with a copy of the deposition so I can publish it on my blog.

Ken Ditkowsky has a few more words for her, to wit:

possible use of State of Illinois facilities to accomplish the Felony of intimidation!


kenneth ditkowsky3:32 PM (10 minutes ago)
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Date:    12/17/2020

From:    Kenneth Ditkowsky     e-mail:

Subject:    Attempts being made to intimidate persons active in the fight against HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN THE ELDERLY.       A reported recent reported attempt by Sharon Opryszek.     Ms. Sharon Opryszek claims to be an attorney employee of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.    The IARDC is a State of Illinois funded entity under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Illinois.

While I as a citizen make no allegation concerning the suspicious conduct of Ms. Opryszek, I do note that in the past and in today’s activity the utilities of the State of Illinois have been allegedly used in what appears to be an effort to discourage the publication of the Blogs and    These blogs have been published by my friend JoAnne Denison as part of her effort to communicate with and educate the public as to the WAR against the elderly that has been raging and so far in the Covid 19 pandemic appears to have been responsible for a significant number of the over 100,000 deaths attributed to nursing homes and questionable predatory guardianships.

Ms. Denison and other citizens of the United States of America have been and are preventing the censorship and ‘cover-up’ of the serious felonies that are in my opinion a proximate cause of the large number of ‘sheltered care’ facilities deaths.      The information that I received was that Ms. Oprzszek, acting under color of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (IARDC  )employment informed Ms. Denison that she (Denison) had to appear for a DEPOSITION.     As a deposition implies an official investigation it makes a representation that an official inquiry is being conducted. Denison is reported to have attorned to and participated in the Deposition.    She has consented to and I believe will do so in writing to a copy of her deposition being made public so that all may see what, if anything, Ms. Oprzszek in her official capacity as an officer of the States of Illinois has done or is doing in connection with whatever investigation she is conducting concerning Ms. Denison.       I understand that there was and is an official Court reporter employed for the purpose of making a public record of such depositions.
DEMAND is made for the IARDC to  furnish INSTANTER a written copy of any deposition, interview, or whatever it may be called to be furnished to Ms. Denison instanter so that IT MAY BE PUBLISHED in her blogs and where-ever she deems appropriate.

Please allow me to be blunt.     It is my understanding that in the course of Attorney Denison’s sojourn in the company of citizens who object to the FELONIES of “elder cleansing” not only was she stripped of her law license in proceedings that in my opinion disgrace the 2nd oldest profession in Illinois and our State of Illinois, but she has been the subject of repeated threats to her person, her profession, her status and attempts on her life.     The obvious direct link to Ms. Denison’s refusal to be mute as Elder Victims of Human Trafficking are victimized and pushed through the Courts.    In particular I call attention to the current pending case of Amelia Sallas 07 P 5360 and its related foreclosure suit entitled BYLINE BANK vs. Amelia Sallas et al  2019 CH 13960[1]

Illinois is not a totalitarian State, but subject to not only the Illinois Constitution, but the Constitution of the States of America.    The right of association and free speech is not dependent on the consent or attornment of public or judicial officials – HOWEVER,  in my opinion it appears to me that individuals at the IARDC have made a conscious effort to intimidate Attorney Denison and have referred to her CONSTITUTIONALLY protected Blog as a prohibited entity.    

Any assault on the FIRST AMENDMENT by any government or quasi government  official or entity is reprehensible and CRIMINAL.      Thus, in the spirt of the HIMMEL case and ABA rule 8.3 I am making a public demand for Ms. Sharon Opryszek to forthwith instanter turn over to Ms. JoAnne Denison a true and correct copy of her deposition and for Attorney Denison to publish a copy on one of her blogs for all to see.    If there is a scintilla of intimidation found in the proceeding directly or indirectly, whether effective or infective I call upon the States Attorney of Cook County, and the United States Attorney to take immediate and effective action – including CRIMINAL PROSECUTION of all persons who seek (or sought) to deny Attorney Denison her FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS.


Citizen – Kenneth Ditkowsky

§ 12-6.  Intimidation.

(a) A person commits intimidation when, with intent to cause another to perform or to omit the performance of any act, he or she communicates to another, directly or indirectly by any means, a threat to perform without lawful authority any of the following acts:

(1) Inflict physical harm on the person threatened or any other person or on property;  or

(2) Subject any person to physical confinement or restraint;  or

(3) Commit a felony or Class A misdemeanor;  or

(4) Accuse any person of an offense;  or

(5) Expose any person to hatred, contempt or ridicule;  or

(6) Take action as a public official against anyone or anything, or withhold official action, or cause such action or withholding;  or

(7) Bring about or continue a strike, boycott or other collective action.

(b) Sentence.

Intimidation is a Class 3 felony for which an offender may be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of not less than 2 years and not more than 10 years.

[1] Ms. Denison has been reported to have been investigating the case of Dean and Amelia Sallas.     Her blogging about the case prevents the wrongfully and Unconstitutionally appointed  guardian from totally railroading the ELDER CLEANSINGS of Amelia Sallas and from the expressed goal stated by one of the supervisors in the guardian’s office, to wit:  leave Dean Sallas homeless and penniless.     To date by my calculations over 8 million dollars of the savings of the Sallas family have been lost as a proximate cause of the wrongful and Unconstitutional dominion that the guardian has exerted over the Vested property of Dean Sallas and the Vested property of Amelia Sallas.     The foreclosure proceeding has disclosed the with the apparent attornment of a judge who is unconcerned with the enabling statute, to wit: 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3, the guardian facilitated the violation of 755 ILCS 5/11a – 22 and the Federal Mail and Wire Fraud acts so as to announce in the July 28, 2020 hearing to the Court words and phrases the connote a total breach of his appointment.

Ms. Denison by her helping Mr. Sallas to have eyes and ears on this proceeding and to be able to fire off complaints to Law Enforcement.     By her blog, Ms Denison has been able to exercise her 1st amendment rights are publish the facts that are most embarrassing to the HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN GRANDMA industry.

Ken Ditkowsky

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