From PH: More corruption from Judge Jesse Outlaw’s courtroom

Just when you thought corruption in probate in Cook County could not get worse, along comes another case

  1. attorney creates “estate planning” for Grandma Marlynn. POAs for property and health care name long term care taker Pier Hopkins as grandma’s agent and named her to be guardian if one is to be appointed. The successor POA? the attorney’s wife
  2. Kidnap grandma and put her in Symphony Beverly, LLC nursing home on a ruse. Grandma needs rehab. Synphony Beverly, a for profit nursing home, promises rehab. No rehab is provided after one month and grandma wants to leave. she signed herself in, she should be able to sign herself out. Symphony Beverly comes up with excuse after excuse as to why grandma cannot leave. For many long months.
  3. In Feb of 2020, Symphony Beverly files a Petition for Guardianship. Judge Jesse Outlaw is assigned to the gship case. Illinois Probate law says that Symphony Beverly cannot serve as guardian because it’s not a Not for Profit, but the case continues and the Judge does not dismiss or strike the peitition.
  4. Symphony then (falsely) alleges Pier Hopkins, a long term caretaker of Grandma is stealing from the estate and attaches copies of bank statements. Where did they get those? Either grandma is competent and she can give them permission to get those, or as the nursing home alleges, she is incompetent and they must get a subpoena from the court. No subpoena issuance is shown on the docket for the case. The other grandchildren are very pleased with the way Pier has knocked herself out to care for grandma and they are behind Pier 1000%.
  5. Symphony does not notify any next of kin (5 grandchildren, Grandma has no living siblings or children) and appears to know nothing about the family in their pleadings. Symphony must legally provide Grandma with a copy of all their pleadings, and esp. their Petition for gship.
  6. Granddaughter alleges she has spent thousands on caring for Grandma in her pleadings, grandma paid one $1500 bill for granddaughter’s gas bill to avoid a shut off. Grandma insisted and presumably was competent. Grandma uses an I phone and can talk, text ad use other complicated cell phone features. She does not appear to be incompetent.
  7. GAL files report the allegations of incompetency (in form CCP 211) are thin at best. When asked, other litigants refuse to turn over CCP 211 to Granddaughter Pier when requested. They say she needs a court order, but that is not in the Illinois Probate act. what are they covering up?
  8. Grandma writes her own checks and pays her own bills, bank statements attached to a Petition to Revoke Granddaughter’s POAs shows bank statements with Grandma’s own utility bills on them, but nothing else. Apparently Pier and other relatives have in fact been paying for grandma’s food, clothing and other essentials.
  9. A reverse mortgage was put on Grandma’s home and that appears to be highly suspect. Who was involved in that? What was the fair market value of the property? Who arranged for that?
  10. Judge O holds a hearing on Nov. 4, 2020 regarding Granddaughter’s Motion for Substitution as a Right. Strangely, the GAL cites a case. Judge O says that “Pier does not like him “because he suspended her POA and it’s too late.” This is despite the fact she just recently filed her appearance, has not been served by the sheriff with a summons and complaint, but her POAs were already suspended. How did that happen? Why does Judge O want to hold onto this case if a litigant does not want him? What is going on here.

You can see all the court filed documents at

If anyone has any information regarding the following individuals involved in this highly suspect case, please call me and I will pass on information to Pier Hopkins. Thanks

Tracey B. Johnson, wife of attorney Ziegler, GAL Ellen Douglass, Symphony Beverly, LLC, Petitioner Daniel Johnson (“Petitioner”) administrator of Synphony Beverly LLC, his attorneys Stone Pogrund & Korey LLC


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