2 thoughts on “Car needed for corruption victim

  1. Hi Mary:

    Keep up the good work I’m so proud of you. The judicial corruption in our country is rampant and political judges with power remain unaccountable. They ruin lives.

    I’m trying to expose this crime but nearly all lawyers are afraid and appear indifferent, yet many know this is a growing issue. As a lawyer by trade I can’t even find an ethics lawyer in Boston or surrounds that has true integrity and would at least partially step to the plate. Yet I paid one firm which prepared a compelling narrative for me on this subject and I have circulated this to different law firms and local newspapers, and investigative journalists, and they avoid the truth. What I and many others are saying and trying to disclose to get justice for the many victims. I believe what these political decisions are executing is an obstruction of justice as the courts rig cases, cover up, and smells like a mob mentality (Rico). As a matter of fact, One of my lawyers (well known) supported that the courts are guilty of RICO.As terrific as he was, he asked to review my narrative, but is ignoring my calls and won’t give me feedback. I have a theory on that.

    So I am considering a Facebook or gathering a group of people, especially lawyers who have been abused and violated, retaliated by our judicial system and would be willing to join a group that will fight for judicial reform including qualifying and limiting judicial immunity where there are known patterns of judicial retaliation to the lawyers against people, victims, of similar morals and beliefs that these whistle blowers have a constitutional voice against judicial cover up, and corruption, which has to be criminal. In MA the highest court up till 2018 when tiles were revised, made it worse for lawyers who appealed cases by the BBO an affiliated entity of the SJC. That is to say many lawyers and even judges knew full well that was the pattern established by the SJC. If the court was challenged, decision appealed, challenged, the court intentionally made it worse for the victims and falsely accused lawyers. It was a rigged system politically engineered by the highest court. In 2018 there was a change in the rules, codes, which committee obviously recognized the crime. Whether it will change anything at all remains to be seen. However many victims of this scheme have nearly lost everything and Careers were ended and reputation ruined.

    This must be exposed by a group of lawyers or people that were victims, have compelling stories and would testify. One lawyer or person who fights for this cause is not enough. We need a group to ad I ate and support reform.

    I know you have been terrific in exposing this corruption. If you know of any other lawyers or victims with stories. I’m all ears.

    You have my email above and we spoke once. My cell phone is 781-775-7300

    I come from a family of lawyers and my mothers uncle was the first Sicilian lawyer in the Hub. I have an honorable discharge from the US Army and am a veteran. My father also a lawyer was a captain in the us Coast Guard in the pacific and continued in the reserves. My mother was also a lawyer. Our family had compassion and always did the right thing including yours truly.

    My Best to you. Thank you.

    Bob Lupo 781-775-7300

    • thank you so much, that is so kind of you. prayers for your good heart and fighting this horrible, horrible situation we now have in guardianship. if you start a fb group, I’d be glad to join, for sure.

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