Question. When the stock market plummets, should not the probate courts send out warnings to all estates that are holding stock market based assets?

Numerous Illinois trusts and Estates, guardianship and decedent’s estates, are currently holding millions and millions in stock based investments.

What is the duty of the attorneys to warn, the court to warn, the judges to warn, beneficiaries to file motions to get those assets currently out of stock market based assets.

In 2008,I personally watched many clients when their Pension and 401K’s and other stock based assets plummet 50% or more when the US stock market dived and they had their funds in stock market based assets.

The federal deficit has blossomed into $22 million with tax cuts to the wealthy and fake tax cuts to the middle class and poor which people are now feeling.  The corona virus is expected to infect our food chain and limit food supply and affect exponentially food prices.  A bottom line.

The US stock market will follow these trends.  The US govt is doing nothing about this or ignoring it.

See these charts:

Warning: move your investments to bond and securities or get them into bank accounts, FDIC insured ASAP.  File Emergency Motions

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