More court documents in the Miriam Solo Executor of a $28 million estate of Ralla Klepak

Link to the documents can be found here:

On November 12, 2019, Miriam Solo (aka Soloveichik/Grienfield/Faskowitz) filed a Petition for Authority to disburse funds from the Estate of Ralla Klepak to various charities:

a. Victory Gardens Theater for $100,000

b. Steppenwolf Theater for $100,000

c. Northlight Theater for $100,000

d.  WFMT for $50,000,

e.  John Marshall Law School for $250,000, etc.

You get the point.  The petition was supposed to be presented on January 8, 2020. It was filed with a proposed order.

However the day before, on January 7, 2020, the Illinois state ATG filed an appearance in the matter, Kawme Raoul and Pasquale Esposito.

After a file check, it appears most of the file is missing, including any order from January 8, 2020.  In addition, it appears that the January 8, 2020 order never issued.  The Probate Clerk’s offices are investigating and looking for the order, if it was in fact issued.

No inventory has been filed in the case, but as the estate is an “unsupervised” type, no inventory is required to be filed.

I will inquire further of the state ATG and see if I can get them to provide any information on the distribution of such large amounts of cash to various charities.

6 thoughts on “More court documents in the Miriam Solo Executor of a $28 million estate of Ralla Klepak

  1. I’ve dealt with Miriam and also worked along side her, she’s a fantastic example of what a lawyer should be.

    • then how did she end up inserting herself into the will of a 3rd party and taking 1/4 of an estate that did not belong to her? also, she was served on all the papers. her mom had a son named Mordecai. Why did they not tell the court about him so he could take his share then. Take a look at the documents. The affidavits were pure nonsense and someone has to find the relatives of Isaac Faskowitz’s mother and look for relatives relating to Isaac’s brothers. Where is that? Please let me know if you can help straighten out the estate and ask Miriam to return what she wrongfully took from this estate. Thank you.

  2. Thank you again for your bravery Ken & JoAnne! Let’s hope for good things in the new year, ie someone like Miriam Solo / Soloveichik / Greenfield/ Faskowitz is ordered to have a much needed mental evaluation before continuing on in the court systems. Take care

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