From FB: Mother has seizure in court; judge and bailiffs claim it is false and arrest her

You just can’t make this stuff up.  Mother has seizure and collapses in her seat, she is pulled up by bailiffs and she falls to ground and hits her head.

Who the freak is running this courtroom?

Exclusive: Montco mother has seizure during custody hearing, judge holds her in contempt of court

A story you heard first on KYW Newsradio


NOVEMBER 22, 2019 – 4:28 PM

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — A Montgomery County mother was held in contempt of court on Tuesday while she had a full-blown seizure during her child custody proceeding. Deputies appeared to think she was faking it, according to a witness.

The woman has a valid and documented seizure disorder, KYW Newsradio confirmed, and even brought a medical advocate to court to help her. However, when the woman seized in court in front of Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy, deputies picked her up mid-seizure and arrested her.

The woman’s advocate made the judge aware of her disorder.

“She said ‘OK’ and then proceeded to rule based on contempt of court that she’s finding (her) … under arrest immediately,” said the witness, who preferred not to be named, “at which time all the deputies in the courtroom swarmed us.”

She said deputies cuffed the mother while she was unresponsive in her seat.

“(They) raised her to her feet, which you can’t do when someone’s having a seizure; they can’t support themselves,” she continued. “She just crumbled to the ground. It’s a concrete floor.”

She was concerned the woman hit her head on the floor.

“I couldn’t see completely what happened; didn’t look like anyone attempted to break her fall,” she added. “I heard the one deputy say, ‘Oh, come on. Stop messing around.’”

She could not recall if deputies read the mother her rights. Regardless, she said it would have been impossible for her to understand or respond to them mid-seizure.

KYW Newsradio’s Brian McDonough gives his opinion on why it’s important to take someone’s symptoms seriously. 

3 thoughts on “From FB: Mother has seizure in court; judge and bailiffs claim it is false and arrest her

  1. This is terrible, I never comment on anything but felt compelled. This just happened to me yesterday, I feel for her especially with how humiliating it is, my jaw felt paralyzed and i could hardly speak at all and i have a history of seizures as well, and for almost the same reason in court. Albiet i wasnt given any medical attention at all. Has she been able to take legal action against the courts handling of this? I hope she was able to get help anyway.

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