Emergency: A 2 yo is dead. A 4 yo is in danger. Please call Kane County DCFS/Police and demand Kara Witkowski’s child be returned to her.

Kane County Sheriff

Address37W755 IL-38 suite a, St. Charles, IL 60175

Kane County DCFS

Address595 S State St, Elgin, IL 60123


Kane County Judges involved:  Judge John Dalton (gave custody to a dangerous psychopath and refused to hear Kara say TB was a violent rapist and abuser and Judge Renee Cruz who got the case after Dalton recused himself in late October and she put off all of Kara’s motions to vacate the gag orders, return her kids to her and dismiss the parentage order)  Call them and demand they return custody to Kara and tell them what you think about handing 2 precious angels over to a dangerous psychopath just because mom blogged about the case because the court was doing the wrong thing and failing her.
Kane county court system:  630-232-5820
Summary of facts:  Kara Witkowski was abused by her ex partner for years.  His name is Thomas Biel.  Earlier in 2019,  after being thrown out by Kara for his abuse, he told Kara it was his birthday and he raped her.  She filed for a Protective Order and went to police.  In retaliation, he filed a Parentage Order.  She told the court about all TB’s abuse and how he had raped her in the past and how he was violent and abusive.  The court ordered psych evals.  Kara’s came back she had PTSD from the rapes and abuse and nothing else.  TB’s psych eval came back he was a psychopath and very dangerous person (I do not have a copy of that, this is from Kara).
Kara blogged about her case and the judge, litigants and GAL got mad and gave TB more and more parenting time, until she was left with just a few hours per week with an agency that would cost her $1800 per month to see her 2 kids.
TB admitted to raping Kara in text messages.  He also possessed tons of child porn.  This was turned over to Kane County police and they have done nothing.
Her rape test came back last week.  TB told her numerous times in the past he would kill her.  He also said in the past he would kill the kids, or implied it.
Some months ago, the 2yo boy had a prolapsed rectum.  Kara reported to the court and they said it was constipation.  Later it was found out the 4yo girl saw the grandfather (this is a family of abusers), put a toothbrush up the 2yo’s rectum and she begged the grandfather to take it out.
The 4yo is at risk of also being killed.
Kara’s calls to DCFS and the police have gone no where, but they say the 2yo’s death is under investigation.
Please, please call DCFS and demand that they return the 4yo girl right away to Kara.
You can friend Kara on FB Kara Witkowski and leave messages there after you call the police and DCFS to demand an apology and the child’s return.
This is just horrible.  I will be publishing the pleadings as proof of this mess.
I have 3 attorneys working on this case now, but if you know of more that will put the safety of a mother and 4 yo girl over being paid, please email me at joanne@justice4every1.com.
It will likely take a team of attorneys to get this mother and 4yo safe.
These are published with her permission. More to come.

3 thoughts on “Emergency: A 2 yo is dead. A 4 yo is in danger. Please call Kane County DCFS/Police and demand Kara Witkowski’s child be returned to her.

  1. Judge needs to be removed!
    We are in his courtroom now, he is utterly for the father who hasn’t taken responsibility for his child in two years, but judge continues to side with him!
    Has not paid one bill, bought one diaper, nothing!!
    But is awarded Over night visits for a child who doesn’t even know him, gets awarded minimal child support, doesn’t have to pay child care, or medical insurance. Doesn’t have to pay back child support, or medical from when child was born. Disgust me how this so called judge is here to make sure these little people with no voice are getting what is in their best interests!! He has no clue IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD! It’s all Hogwash!! He needs to be held accountable or stripped of his crown!

    • I am very sorry to hear all that. By all means start a campaign to remove the judge. What is the judge’s name, email, jurisdiction and phone number. I hope things get better for you. Be sure to serve subpoenas on all his employers for income records, his banks and bank accounts, paypal, etc.

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