From ECF: Illinois now allows access to court documents for attorneys only!!! when will the public get access???

As evidenced by the numerous attorney employment acts, efiling Illinois is only allowing attorneys to access full court documents filed online.

The public still has to go to the courthouse, search for and pull up documents and then pay 50 cents to $2 per pay for access, despite the fact the taxpayers own the documents, and not attorneys, not judges or court personnel.

Dorothy Brown is still the clerk of court.  She should be fighting for access by taxpayers and not just attorneys or judges.

Read on below.

How to Access Case Documents Online With re:SearchIL

A recent post from the Chicago Bar Association discusses the new re:SearchIL platform, a much-needed solution for attorneys eFiling throughout Illinois. happily sponsors this article by Tisha Delgado.

Since the Illinois Supreme Court announced the mandatory switch from traditional paper filing to eFiling, the legal industry has hoped for an efficient way to access those eFiled documents online.

re:SearchIL allows attorneys to search for all filings and activity in their cases, study opposing counsel, and know the other parties in their case. They do this simply by logging into re:SearchIL using their credentials. There is an easy to navigate dashboard that contains a “My Cases” section where the attorney can easily see a list of all their pending cases in any of Illinois’ 102 counties, in which their ADRC number appears.

With any new system, re:SearchIL has a few issues to work through. Only attorneys of record and parties to the case are able to access these court records. The system leaves out other legal support staff who are often involved in the eFilings including paralegals, legal secretaries, and law clerks. This lack of access for legal support staff is only temporary, as some rules and policies are still being discussed.

Another hiccup is that two of the biggest counties, Cook and DuPage use Firm/Attorney numbers instead of ADRC numbers so cases in those courts are not yet available via re:SearchIL. However, Tyler Technologies has contacted Cook and DuPage courts to implement a change to include the attorney’s ADRC number in these cases so they are accessible via re:SearchIL. will keep you updated on any changes that occur within the re:SearchIL platform.


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