From Lanre Amu: He did nothing wrong but expose corruption and the ARDC is holding up relicensing him

When Lanre Amu was a lawyer, he fought tirelessly for the rights of many people, often without pay.  He served the poor, the person of color and the immigrant.

He was well educated and held three degrees, on in engineering, an MBA and a JD.  He is a devout Christian and follows the principles of Jesus.

However, when he exposed corruption of certain high powered judges in Cook County, the power that be, Jerome Larkin and James Grogin of the ARDC (Atty Regn and Disciplinary Commission) put him through a kangaroo trial with absolutely no witnesses and against him and awarded him a 4 year suspension for revealing publicly the fact that Judge Lynn Egan was having her brother’s law firm appear in front of her and was granting all their motions (no matter how stupid), and denying all of Amu’s motions.

He complained, and the ARDC went after him like gang busters to remove his license.

they succeeded with their crony minions and Mr. Amu was awarded a 4 year suspension for speaking out against corruption.

His suspension was up about 1.5 years ago and this is what he has to say:

On Thu, Jun 20, 2019 at 6:36 PM ‘Lanre O. Amu <> wrote:
I am proud of you Ken, and even at 93+++ they should give you back your Illinois law license, apologize, clear your name, and pay damages for the harm caused! That is my view of these things. Its only fair.

I am personally very hopeful. But will never give up.

It should be comforting for us to know that these lawyers: the late Nelson Mandela suffered the same fate in South Africa with his law license, and that the late Mahatma Ghandi also suffered the same fate in South Africa with his law license. Mahatma Ghandi championed freedom from British Colonialism in India and the winds of that change liberated Africa. Nelson Mandela championed the end of Apartheid in South Africa. To be in the league of these legal giants of Civil and Human Rights is a tall order!

If I have to lie to get the Illinois law license back, then that law license not worth it for me. I must get it back with a straight face, an apology, and compensation! That is what should be done.
They lied, not me! My law license was suspended without any human being testifying under Oath or presenting any evidence under Oath to any wrongdoing by me! I was the only witness at my IARDC kangaroo trial and I denied making any false statement. I affirmed the truth of my statements with supporting evidence and without contradiction. So, how was I found guilty of making a false statement?
After Illinois Supreme Court’s Suspension came all of a sudden Chicago Crain’s Investigation confirming what I unearthed and exonerating me of false accusation by the IARDC, but they (IARDC and Illinois Supreme Court) still did not reverse their perversion of justice! We contacted the FBI, Department of Justice, etc., etc., no response.

On all these: I am supposed to apologize, affirm I have been rehabilitated from lying, and will not lie or tell the TRUTH like that again. It will never happen as long as I am living on earth!

Three things are not long hidden: The Sun, the Moon and the TRUTH!

It may take some time. But no surrender for me. The TRUTH will ultimately come out!

My regards to everyone.
Thanks a million!

‘Lanre O. Amu

Formerly Licesed Attorney Illinois
So, if anyone is wondering why there are so many lying corrupt attorneys in Illinois (including our politicians who have gone to prison, many of these were in fact crooked attorneys) take a look at my case, Ken Ditkowsky’s case and the case of Lanre Amu.  If you speak out against corruption in Illinois, the ARDC will go right after you in an attempt to silence you and Jerome Larkin will sign all the pleadings.
And Illinois is still ranked as the most corrupt State in the Nation, and one of the most corrupt cities now.
The ARDC clearly is part of the system of corruption in Chicago and Illinois because Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu did nothing wrong, but they spoke out against corruption.  Lanre Amu was cleared by Crain’s Chicago Business.  Complaints were filed against Judge Egan, but the Illinois JIB did nothing.  Lynn Egan sat on the Board of Directors for a Hospital and was hearing their cases. When the hospital found out, Lynn Egan had to resign and apologize to the Board. But the Illinois JIB (Judicial Inquiry Board) did nothing.
It’s time to clean up the JIB and the ARDC in Illinois

6 thoughts on “From Lanre Amu: He did nothing wrong but expose corruption and the ARDC is holding up relicensing him

  1. Hi Mary:

    I would like to speak with Lanre Amu if possible. You and I spoke last year. As a lawyer by trade I have had very similar problems, that is major problems with judicial corruption and retaliation cover up obstruction of jusin Massachusetts. We badly need judicial reformił and accountability Bob Lupo 781-775-7300 cell My email:

    • Okay, my name i snot Mary, but Joanne. Mary Sykes is the name of a 90 year old woman who was granny napped in probate and murder in Probate Court for her home and property. I and Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu are attorneys who were suspended for speaking out against corruption in the court system. None of us has been relicensed yet because the ARDC will not let us warn others about the problems in the court system.

  2. Hi again Mary. We spoke last year I believe. I truly admire you and all your doing to fight the corruption. If you can encourage Lanre Amu to call me at 781-775-7300 bob Lupo. I have been fighting the corruption with the DOJ and the boards of bar overseers as dane is called in MA. I’m fully aware of the cover up, reprisal, retaliation that is and has been going on. The system in MA has been rigged. For example if a lawyer challenged the SjC in Massachusetts it would make matters worse. That is to say, it appears to me that is unconstitutional, an obstruction of justice and even a fraud on the court. It is so hard to fight political corruption on the DOJ. One person is not enough to carry the sword. I’m an Army veteran during the Vietnam crisis. I come from a family of lawyers. I have documented and have a narrative prepared. But as you can imagine few if any lawyers or members of the bar are willing to report violation of the professional rules of conduct or the judicial code as they are obligated to do per the oath of office. Why, because it is politically incorrect and would subject them to retaliation. There is huge cover up in the DOJ. It’s unbelievable and more over there is essentially no accountability for the corrupt judiciary,

    I want to help, be a whistle blower, correct the injustice, but I can’t do it alone. So nothing will change unless the victims bond together and fight for judicial reform to stop the judicial corruption and make the guilty judiciary or even lawyers accountable. I hope you can refer my name and number to Lanre. Also please refer and read the book: license to lie by Sidney Powell. She is terrific. I have a fair collection of books and articles on judicial and legal corruption. Now is the time to fix our broken system, reform immunity, and hold the judicial powers accountable. Thanks.


    Bob Lupo 781-775-7300 Massachusetts

    • Okay, I wll email your response to Mr. Amu directly, but I do believe he is already following my blog.

      Also, please get me a list of books you have read on corruption and I will put them on my blog.



    • you can email him directly at

      my name is joanne denison and I lost my law license because the ARDC claimed my blog was false. you know it is true.

      Jerome Larkin is the director and you can write him at the ARDC and demand that we be reinstated (Lanre Amu, Ken Ditkowsky and Joanne Denison) because what Mr. Amu said turned out to be true and my blog is factual and tells the truth.

      The ARDC can also be contacted by regular mail, telephone or by facsimile at:

      Chicago Office
      One Prudential Plaza
      130 East Randolph Drive
      Suite 1500
      Chicago, IL 60601-6219

      Thank you for your comment.


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