From EF: a Complaint against Jerome Larkin head of the ARDC

Thursday, June 8, 2017



Please find below a complaint I filed against Administrator Jerome Larkin who covers (read: enables)  massive  fraud upon IL court systems committed by certain corrupt and dishonest lawyers whom Larkin helps to maintain  their legal licenses while harass and oppress ethical lawyers who fulfill their duties and report corruption.
Complaint was filed with Cook County Board of Ethics, IL Supreme Court, Senate, and IL Attorney General and mailed to Chicago and Washington FBI offices.
I will provide updates how my  Complaint was handled by authorities.
Best regards,
Elena Fedorova
June 8, 2017
Re: Request to investigate ARDC Administrator Jerome Larkin for corruptionand other misconduct.
Dear Honorable Committee on Ethics, IL Supreme Court and other Authorities:
Please find this Notice pursuant to 18 U.S.C. §4 and my demand to investigate for corruption and remove from the office ARDC Administrator Jerome Larkin, for his willful misconduct in the office and conspiracy with certain lawyers who relentlessly commit fraud in our Courts; file forged documents accompanied by false statements; operate collection mills commonly known as “racket” and other malpractices. All of those violations are known by ARDC Administrator Jerome Larkin who always covered for banks and HOAs lawyers’ fraudulent conduct, while readily attack and disbar ethical lawyers who expose corruption in our Court system.
Moreover, I respectfully demand to investigate Mr. Larkin for potential banks’ fraud and bribery scheme. According to research conducted by lawyer Kenneth Ditkowski, “Jerome Larkin, the Administrator of the ARDC has funneled several million dollars through his property in the last ten years. For example, Larkin took out a loan for $450,000 in December of 2001 and paid it back in exactly five years. In the meantime, he had taken out another $450,000 loan—in October of 2006, which he paid back in just a tad over four years, in January of 2011. In the meantime, he had taken out yet another mortgage—this one for $101,000—in November of 2009, which he was miraculously able to repay in just about a year. But his unusual loan behavior doesn’t stop here. In January of 2011, Larkin took out a whopping $750,000 mortgage on the same piece of property. Larkin must have a direct line to lottery bucks, because he was able to repay this loan by January of 2013. In the meantime . . . are you getting the picture yet? . . . he took out another $750,000 loan in December of 2012. Neither Jerome Larkin nor his wife, psychologist Antoinette Krakowski responded to telephone inquiries concerning the amount of money being funneled through their home.”
I further demand to investigate Mr. Larkin’s relationship with IL Democratic Party Speaker Michael Madigan, where Mrs. Julia Larkin, who I believe is Mr. Jerome Larkin’s daughter, worked from 2007 to January 2017 and was compensated $53,000.00 per year from taxpayers’ funds. Based on my observation of public records, and Mrs. Julia Larkin’s own words, she was not only a trusted political aid to Mr. Madigan whom she helped to support his preferred candidates elections, but also worked to advance Mr. Madigan’s personal legal practice where Mr. Madigan helps his wealthy friends and clients to lower their property taxes and pass the bill on IL taxpayers whose property taxes skyrocketed.
According to Mrs. Julia Larkin’s resume, her job as a Head of Opposition Research included “Reviewing wide range of complex documentation including but not limited to property tax documentation” which has very little to do with elections but directly related to Speaker Madigan’s personal legal practice, where I believe he used Mrs. Larkin’s services to advance his own profits, while Mrs. Larkin’s work was compensated from taxpayers funds.
I believe that Administrator Larkin, who must be aware of banks, HOAs and their lawyers collection mills and massive fraud in IL Court system under guise of certain corrupt judges, many of whom owe their positions of public Trust to Mr. Madigan , intentionally covered for lawyers and judges misconduct; and concentrated on prosecuting those lawyers who expose judicial corruption. 
I submitted numerous complaints against certain lawyers, accompanied by facts and material evidence of fraud, perjury, obstruction of justice and other malpractices. All my complaints were closed by Jerome Larkin who always refused to investigate merits of my complaints. I demand investigation intoMr. Jerome Larkin’s professional misconduct as well as his suspicious manipulations with his property loans. 
Mr. Larkin must be removed from his position as ARDC Administrator and this position must be transferred to an ethical person who will protect IL public from dishonest lawyers’ malpractices, not to cover for their misconduct. 
Respectfully submitted.
Elena Fedorova

4 thoughts on “From EF: a Complaint against Jerome Larkin head of the ARDC

  1. We want justice not corrupt judges that gets the job cuz knows somebody in the child division department and they can not write English. on said:

    I agree with this. I went and turn ARDC to Attorney General, FBI and Department of Justice. They are corrupt and do everything against you, they side with judges that can write English if you look at their online material and they got the job because somebody they knew… iCorruption !

  2. I agree with this. I am a certified paralegal. I’m clearly aware of the responsibilities of an attorney and what is defined as attorney misconduct. I filed complaints with the IARDC against three attorneys in Illinois that had committed fraud upon the court. These attorney made false statements to the courts, filed frivolous motions to prolong the proceeding and intimidate a non-represented party. The motions contained false statements and documents the attorneys were aware did not reflect the truth and/or support their arguments made in the motion. Also, these attorneys abused their right to prepare the handwritten court orders on behalf of the judge’s decision by intentionally omitting information from the order that wasn’t favorable to their client and refusing to allow the non-represented party, as a right of law, to view the order before submitting it to the court.
    The IARDC refused to investigate the attorneys despite being provided proof, two of the attorneys implemented a scheme that constituted as fraud upon the court. Throughout the hearings, it became apparent the judge failed to remember or take proper notes regarding significant material facts about the case. Instead of these attorneys following proper court protocol by filing an appeal or motion to reconsider their client’s motion that was dismissed, they decided to reschedule the trial and simply add their client’s motion back to the order. Then allow a different attorney from their law firm, to use the absence of the first attorney, to reargue their client’s motion despite knowing it was dismissed during the previous hearing.
    During the hearing, I argued the motion had already been dismissed, the second attorney pretended to lack knowledge of their client’s motion being dismissed then handed the judge a copy of the second order that they prepared after they induced me by fraud to reschedule the trial. I had already paid for my airfare to attend; therefore, this was at my expense. I had never received a copy of the order that was filed with the court. I was notified by email of the hearing date. Despite, failing to send me a copy of the order was intentional, fraud, and a violation of court procedures, submitting it to the court as evidence was the ultimate actions as fraud upon the court.
    The following are the documents I submitted in support of this particular complaint
    • The initial handwritten order I had received immediately following the hearing; the order reflected a line drawn through their client’s motion to dismiss because it was dismissed
    • Emails between the first attorney and I stating the scheduled hearing was required to be rescheduled due to the judge not being available. I later learned this was not true.
    • The second order they submitted to the court containing their client’s motion to dismiss was back added
    • The final order stating the other party agreed to drop his motion; despite it being dismissed by the judge
    • Emails between the second attorney and I proving, despite their client’s motion being dismissed during a previous hearing, he argued the motion as if it had not been dismissed and the judge was on the verge of granting it.
    • Emails between the first attorney and I proving I was notified by email of the hearing date and never received a copy of the second order to argue against the order the second attorney submitted to the court.

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