From Ken Ditkowsky: Status on corruption and why aren’t these people indicted for their crimes?

The 2nd oldest profession has not covered themselves with glory.    The ABA and the Bar Associations set out rules.   One rule (8.3) requires lawyers to report criminal activity amongst their fellows.    However, if you report the wrong attorneys (and Judges) who commit crimes Rule 8.4 operates and immediately, the lawyer who reports the criminal activity is suspended or otherwise disciplined.  Disbarrment is not uncommon.
We all know about Lanre Amu.    He reported corruption of a judge.   Immediately the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission got hot and bothered and told the Illinois Supreme Court 1) that that allegation was false and 2) it was a violation of Rule 8.4.  As far as I am aware, his suspension is up, but they refuse to reinstate his license==for serious allegations he did not commit.
The problem that the IARDC had was the statement made by Amu was absolutely accurate and true and the IARDC’s administrator was under oath telling a bold faced lie.   He was not even embarrassed when CRAINS CHICAGO BUSINESS independently made the very same averment of construction that Amu made.    (This confirmed to the public that the IARDC and the legal community were perfectly willing to lie under oath for POLITICAL reasons et al and any interest that they had in the Rule of Law was non-existent.
Of course I and others have been writing concerning this outrage for some time and not accomplished even the stray thought of an HONEST INVESTIGATION to generate.   Mr. Amu reports that even though the evidence of misconduct on the part of the IARDC, and the legal elite is overwhelming, to get back his licenses that ILLINOIS SUPREME COURT requires him to admit facts which everyone knows are not true – in short he has to admit that he lied even though everyone knows he did not.
Of course this situation is clear in Illinois.   We produce more corrupt governor felons for the Federal penal system than any other State.   We have on Governor in Federal custody, and our current governor was elected even though he openly and notoriously admitted publicly that he defrauded the COUNTY OF COOK out of $330,000.00.   (As he is a billionaire – when caught- he paid the money back to the County.      Mr. Amu’s license for complying with Rule 8.3 and 18 USCA 4 is forfeit!
Need the Illinois rationale.    In the kangaroo disciplinary proceedings filed againt Attorney JoAnne Denison Mr. Larkin (the administrator of the IARDC) is reported to have written that exposing corrupt judges is akin to “yelling fire in a crowded theater.”
Thus according to the gospel in force in Illinois, it is ethical for Illinois laws to perjure themselves on affidavits submitted to the government, when a judge – to enjoy conflicts of interest, and if you have enough clout evade the entire body of the RULE OF LAW.    However, if you are a lawyer and you expose (or ask for an HONEST IVNESTIGATION) of a member of judiciary, judicial elite, or the political elite you are in violation of Rule 8.4 and your conduct is akin to “yelling fire in a crowded theater.”
Indeed we have to take into account that we have corruption in the Courts — the guardianship scandal cannot exist without this overt corruption — BUT WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT?

Ken Ditkowsky


From Joanne:
Current cases where corruption is evident:
1) the State of Illinois is currently removing newborns from the hospital without a warrant or court order.  Then, the attorney appointed by the state a) refuses to show pleadings in advance to the father and b) refuses to argue the father’s 4th amedment rights and right to a warrant or court order before removal.  The system is obviously fixed.
2)  A mother pleads to get her kids back after psychopath father sets her up. She files pleadings in Cook County Domestic division explaining the situation.  The trial court judge refuses to even look at her motion for 50 50 coparenting, to get her maintenance and child support back and for the father’s fraud in not listing all his assets.  Mother is left penniless and sees her kids only once per month at Apnar Ghar, a sterile institutional room.
3) And we still have the same complaints flowing in about Cook County Probate.  Caretakers are being evicted from their homes despite the fact they are on the title.  The judges don’t seem to care.  Mom is being drugged and APS doesn’t care.  A relative is stealing and Illinois APS does not care.  The guardian has a past criminal background of beating up women and DUIs and the probate court does not care.
Things need to change for sure.

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