From JF on FB: Guardianship is still a dangerous proposition

Janice Fendel The victims or Wards are kept under lock and key.
They are traumatized as they are transported away from their homes without their consent and oftentimes without their comprehension of where they are being taken or for what reason and for what period of time.
Isolation is a key element of the typical lives of state Wards, including absolute or near-total separation from a family member who has joint ownership of assets, property and money.
Identification documents, whether driver licenses, Social Security cards, or passports, are routinely taken from elders even before they have a court hearing. This also prevents them from breaking out of this confinement to hire an attorney of their choice or get cash to hide and not go back where they were held captive. THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS ARE TOTALLY VIOLATED
Verbal attacks, incarceration, and Baker Act imprisonments are part and parcel of the tactics used against both Wards and their families attempting to visit or comfort them during the traumas of guardianship. You are not allowed visits for Holidays, Birthdays or any other tender mercies.
Use of punitive measures against Wards and their families is rampant when reports against guardians are made to the authorities.
The key element of guardianship abuse is the controlling of funds belonging to the Ward, most often spent on extravagant attorney and guardianship fees and to sue a family member with jointly owned assets, frequently totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars in a year or so of forced guardianship.
Regardless of the laws in place in every state, Wards are trafficked by professionals who fear no consequences or penalties for their illegal conduct. The WARD IS USUALLY STARVED TO DEATH AFTER ALL MONEY IS DEPLETED. AND IN MOST CASES THERE IS NO MONEY LEFT FOR A FUNERAL.

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