From AC: What are case management orders all about?

A case management order is often a form issued by the judge that tells parties the following:


  1. a deadline for issuing written discovery (Interrogatories, Requests for Documents and Requests to Admit)
  2. A deadline by which all parties must take discovery of fact witnesses.
  3. In a med mal or pers. injury case, when Plaintiff has to send subpoenas to health care providers by
  4. When expert witnesses must be deposed by
  5. When expert witnesses must provide their expert reports by
  6. When dispositive motions must be filed by (motions to dismiss, summary judgment motions, judgments on the pleadings.)
  7. When discovery will close
  8. The next status date so the judge can inquire of how the case is proceeding and help with any issues or disputes.
  9.  Motions in liminie (pre trial motions)
  10.  Trial Briefs due date
  11. Dates for trial to start and no. of days expected.


These orders help a court keep organized during the pre trial phase.

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