From FB: A letter to remove Justice Kavanaugh for perjury before the Senate

please cut and paste on your letterhead and mail out today

October 2, 2018
Clerk of Executive Offices,
Federal DC Circuit, Court of Appeals.
333 Constitution Ave.,
NW Washington, DC 20001

RE: Justice Kavanaugh and 478 uninvestigated complaints against Judges in your circuit

Dear Clerk of Court;

I have review the testimony of both Dr. Ford and Justice Kavanaugh before the Senates.

Ms. Ford’s testimony appears to be credible.

Justice Kavanaugh appears to consume alcohol to excess and exhibited behavior unbefitting a judge during the Senate Hearing.

I am asking for a full investigation of Justice Kavanaugh and all of his sexual assault accusers.

He also appears to have lied at numerous points during his testimony regarding the terms “boofing” and “devil’s triangle” and other commonly used phrases by sexual deviants.

Please investigate and remove him from office and then pass his case onto the Lawyer’s disciplinary board for further disciplinary action.

I am also demanding that you investigate the 478 judicial complaints without any investigation. How many of these involved Kavanaugh and sexual assault and/or drinking?

The public is demanding accountability from the US court system. This is not going to end anytime soon. Justice Kavanaugh is an utter disgrace to the legal and judicial professions.

Very Truly Yours,

JoAnne Denison
Executive Director

cc: Mary G Sykes and FaceBook

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