from Dr. RC: More info on why the appointment of BK is from a corrupt court system and should be opposed.

We have to stop giving judges jobs when they come from court systems where any judicial complaint was dismissed without a thorough investigation.

This is how corruption in the courts flourishes.

see below.


From Dr. Cordero

Dear Ms. Denison, Victims of, and Witnesses to, judges’ abuse of power, and Advocates of Honest Judiciaries,

Thank you for your email.

To those “readers who think it’s okay to dismiss these complaints out of hand”, put the question:

“How would you feel if you complained about the performance of the judge(s) in your case and they dismissed out of hand your complaint without any investigation?”,

As stated in my article:

  1. The official statistics explicitly tabulates some allegations in the complaints about judges. They are very grave, for they include:

  1. “acceptance of a bribe”,

  1. “conflict of interest (including refusal to recuse)”,

  1. “racial, religious or ethnic bias”,

  1. “improper discussion with party or counsel”,

  1. “partisan political activity or statement”,

  1. “retaliation against complainant, witness, or others involved in the process”,

  1. “failure to give reasons for decision”,

  1. “undue decisional delay”; etc. >OL2:755¶7

If your readers want to see the official tables of complaints about judges prepared by the courts, compiled by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, whose director is appointed by the U.S. Chief Justice, for submission to Congress in the Annual Report of the Director of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, let them know the following:

Dr. Cordero has collected all the statistics on complaints against federal judges that are available on the website of the Administrative Office. They cover the 21 fiscal years from October 1, 1996 to September 30, 2017;

He has created a table collecting all the District of Columbia Circuit statistics for the 1oct06-30sep17 11-year period during which both Judge Kavanaugh and Now-Chief Judge Merrick Garland have served on the Court of Appeals for that Circuit;

Use the data found in the collected tables to create a table for another circuit or court by filling out the table template at

More importantly, tell your readers that they have the opportunity to bring to the attention of their senators and the other senators a way of evaluating Judge Kavanaugh’s impartiality, fairness, and respect for the law, particularly its due process and equal protection requirements, that is based on official statistics submitted to, and accepted by, them rather than personal allegations and partisan opinions.

Indeed, as the article below shows, in the 1oct06-30sep17 11-year period, people have filed 478 complaints against J. Kavanaugh and his DCC peers, but he and they have dismissed 100% of them without investigation.

By so doing, J. Kavanaugh and his peers have institutionalized their abuse of their power to exonerate themselves from the complaints and exempt themselves from any discipline, while leaving complainants at the mercy of complained-about judges and their covering-up peers.

They have turned themselves into Judges Above the Law.

To expose them, encourage your readers to use the contact information in §G below to contact at least two senators by:

  1. first using the inline email form on their respective website’s “Contact Us” webpage to send them the open letter below;

  1. then calling their office to ask the answering assistant to use the reader’s email address to retrieve the emailed letter from the senator’s website;

  1. request that the senators demand that J. Kavanaugh produce the copies that he has and the originals that DCC has of the complaints about him as well as those that include him among the complained-about judges. This will allow the ascertainment of the nature, frequency, and gravity of complaints about him and the detection of patterns and trends of complaints; and

  1. ask that the White House release the 100,000+ pages on Judge Kavanaugh that it has so far refused to produce. Do they include any mentions to abusive conduct on the part of J. Kavanaugh?; and

  1. demand that the Senate hold nationally televised public hearings on judges’ abuse of power.

By taking action and being instrumental in exposing judges’ institutionalized abuse of power, you and your readers can become nationally recognized Champions of Justice. This is realistic: On Friday, September 28, two courageous women confronted Senator Jeff Flake on the elevator in the Senate and caused him to force the Committee to ask for an FBI investigation.

But time is of the essence because the Senate may vote on the Judge by October 5.

Put your money
where your outrage at abuse
and passion for justice are.

Dare trigger history!(*>jur:7§5)…and you may enter it.


Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.
Judicial Discipline Reform
New York City

NOTE: Given the interference with Dr. Cordero’s email and e-cloud storage accounts described at * >ggl:1 et seq., when emailing him, copy the above bloc of his email addresses and paste it in the To: line of your email so as to enhance the chances of your email reaching him at least at one of those addresses.


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