From NL: On Brent Kavanaugh–his stats: 100% dismissal of all complaints against him–the math of abuse of power

How Judge Kavanaugh
can be questioned at the Senate hearings
based on official court statistics,
rather than allegations and partisan opinions,
to determine how he has treated
you and the rest of We the People
as a judge and would do so as a justice OL2 /DrRCordero-Honest_Jud_Advocates.pdf >OL2:768



Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.
Ph.D., University of Cambridge, England
M.B.A., University of Michigan Business School
D.E.A., La Sorbonne, Paris
Judicial Discipline Reform
New York City
Dr.Richard.Cordero_Esq @,
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Senator Chuck Grassley, Senator Dianne Feinstein
Senate Committee on the Judiciary
U.S. Senate
Washington, D.C.

Dear Sen. Grassley, Sen. Feinstein, and Committee Members,


This email is intended to be of interest to you because it concerns the conduct of Judge Brett Kavanaugh based, not on allegations or opinions, but rather on the official statistics of the District of Columbia Circuit (DCC), required under 28 U.S.C. §604(h)(2) to be submitted to Congress and the public annually by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.


You and your colleagues in Congress have without dispute accepted those statistics for decades; are presumed to be familiar with them; and have relied on them to oversee the performance of the federal courts. Hence, the information hereunder will enable you to question J. Kavanaugh at the hearings scheduled for the week of September 24, on a basis trusted by you, verifiable by others, and persuasive thanks to its objective demonstration by ‘ the math of abuse’ of power .


  1. J. Kavanaugh has participated in the dismissal of 100% of the 478 complaints about him and his peers lodged with DCC


  1. The official statistics at stake here concern the handling by J. Kavanaugh and his peers of complaints about them in the 1oct06-30sep17 11-year period during which he has served on DCC. Those statistics and their analysis can be retrieved through the links in§F infra.


  1. The statistics show that 478 complaints about them were lodged. He tolerated the dismissal of the 478 of them regardless of their gravity and without any investigation, except in one case, which also ended up in complaint dismissal; as a current member of the DCC Judicial Council, he has participated in the 100% denial of petitions to review those dismissals.


  1. Such 100% record betrays his and his peers’ complicity in an unlawful agreement to protect each other from any adverse consequences of their complained-about conduct. Theirs is not the “good Behaviour” required by the Constitution, Article III, Section 1(*>jur:22fn12a), but rather behavior in dereliction of duty.


  1. Indeed, the essence of being a judge is being impartial and fair. That is how a judge conducts himself who is faithful to his oath of office(*>jur:53fn90), and thereby discharges his duty, to uphold the law.


  1. Judge Kavanaugh has shown that he is neither impartial between complainants and complained-about judges nor fair to the plight of complainants, other parties, and the rest of the public, whom he has recklessly left at the mercy of complained-about judges regardless of the gravity of their alleged misconduct. He has held himself and his peers unaccountable. As a result of such assurance of risklessness, he has emboldened himself and them to keep engaging in ever graver misconduct.


  1. J. Kavanaugh’s partiality and unfairness in covering up for himself and his peers in DCC provide probable cause to believe that he:


  1. covered up the sexual misconduct of Former 9thCircuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, for whom he clerked and with whom he interviewed prospective clerks for Supreme Court justices; and


  1. covers up for himself regarding the sexual assault accusations of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.


  1. That probable cause is undergirded by my study of judges and their judiciaries(e.g.,*>jur:21§§1-3 ), which is titled and downloadable thus:


Exposing Judges’ Unaccountability and
Consequent Riskless Wrongdoing:
Pioneering the news and publishing field 
of judicial unaccountability reporting * 


* Volume 1: OL /DrRCordero-Honest_Jud_Advocates.pdf >all prefixes:page number up to OL:393


 Volume 2: OL2 /DrRCordero-Honest_Jud_Advocates.pdf >from OL2:394
(This email is at OL2:768.)

  1. Judge Kavanaugh’s conduct contradicts his statement “I’m a pro-law judge” and renders it perjurious


  1. J. Kavanaugh has acquiesced and enforced DCC’s institutionalized cover-up of his and his peers’ complained-about conduct. So, he has impeached his assertion under oath during his confirmation hearings that ‘he is not a pro-prosecution or pro-defense judge, but rather he is a pro-law judge’. If he were the latter, he would have denounced and refused to apply DCC’s unlawful policy of 100% exoneration of judges.


  1. On the contrary, he and his peers have arrogated to themselves the power to abrogate in effect, and risklessly show contempt for, the law governing complaints about judges: the Judicial Conduct and Disability Act of 1980 (28 U.S.C. §§351-364;jur:24fn18a).


  1. In defiance of the law, J. Kavanaugh has protected his and his peers’ interest in escaping any discipline resulting from their complained-about conduct, while depriving complainants of their fundamental due process right: to be heard. They abuse their power to elevate themselves as Judges Above the Law(*>OL:5fn6).


  1. Issues for the Senate Judiciary Committee to question J. Kavanaugh on


  1. The official statistics allow the Committee to challenge him onhisenforcement of the DCC unlawful policy of 100% exoneration of himself and his peers from complaints about them.


  1. The Committee can require that J. Kavanaugh disclose his copies of all complaints involving him. All complaints are self-interestedly kept secret, contrary to the tenet “Justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done”(*>jur:44fn71). Such secrecy prevents ascertaining the nature, extent, and gravity of individual and collective misconduct, and detecting its patterns and trends.


  1. Also, the Committee can examine all the statements that J. Kavanaugh may have made concerning the Catholic Church’s decades-old policy of covering for abusive priests while leaving at their mercy ever more Church members and the rest of the public. Do his statements reveal the partiality and unfairness of a hypocritical double standard in favor of himself and his peers? Can he claim to be a pro-law judge when his conduct is guided by what is anathema to his duty as such: “The Law is NOT Equal For All”?


  1. Let the Committee question him on the official statistics(§F infra)showing that he and his peers do not even read the majority of briefs, never mind write the dispositive orders(cf. >OL2:546¶¶4-7). Their pretense at applying the law to briefs that they have not read causes injury in fact and renders them liable to a host of causes of action(OL2:729).


  1. Such abusive conduct prompts the emergence from aMeToo!public intolerant of any form of abuse of a national movement of current, former, and prospective parties to demand that the courts refund filing fees, pay damages, and require judges to dispose of each case by writing a decision and that it be reasoned and address the brief section “ Relief Requested ”.


  1. Requested action from you in your own andWe the People’s interest


  1. Questioning J. Kavanaugh and all judicial candidates based, not on allegations and opinions, but rather on their own statistics will draw to you significant media and public attention. It can establish the framework for a bipartisan approach on the objective basis of “the math of abuse”.


  1. Such questioning can attract the attention of a huge (OL2:719¶¶6-8) untapped voting bloc: The Dissatisfied With The Judicial And Legal System. They are waiting for a courageous politician to expose unaccountable judges’ riskless abuse of power. You can become their national Champion of Justice.


  1. Thus, I respectfully request that you:


  1. question J Kavanaugh using the official statistics of his and his peers, as discussed above;


  1. publish this email on your website; and otherwise share and post it widely;


  1. share it with the journalists that cover you and ask them to have their media outlets publish it.


  1. The publication of this email can set in motion a generalized media investigation into judges’ abuse similar to the one into sexual abuse sparked byThe New York Times’s publication of its Harvey Weinstein exposé. It will be traced back to your concern for integrity and accountability in the federal and state judiciaries. It can lay the foundation for your reelection campaign and even a presidential bid.


  1. My offer of a presentation


  1. The above shows the kind of strategic thinking(OL2:445§B, 475§D) that informs the presentation that I offer to make to you, your colleagues, and supporters on what you can gain by exposing unaccountable judges’ riskless abuse of power.


  1. So I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Meantime, I kindly request that you acknowledge receipt of this email.



  1. Links to official court statistics and their analysis

  1. Article on using official statistics and “the math of abuse ” to expose J. Kavanaugh, DCC Chief Judge Merrick Garland, & peers’ abuse of power:

  1. Table of complaints against judges lodged in, and dismissed by, DCC in the 1oct06-30sep17 11-year period:

  1. Collected official statistics on complaints about federal judges in the 1oct96-30sep17 21-year period:

  1. Template to be filled out with the complaint statistics on any of the 13 federal circuits and two national courts:

  1. Article on “the math of abuse”: neither judges nor clerks read the majority of briefs, disposing of them through unresearched, unreasoned, arbitrary and fiat-like dumping forms; OL2/DrRCordero-Honest_Jud_Advocates.pdf > OL2:760, 457§D

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5 thoughts on “From NL: On Brent Kavanaugh–his stats: 100% dismissal of all complaints against him–the math of abuse of power

  1. Love your work, but I fear no matter what judge with any leaning they will all equally be guilty of this practice. If they were not they would not have been able to climb the judicial ladder to even be considered. What list or research can you provide of judges who would pass your test?

    • Let’s see. I would require a judge not taking bribes on their property records (one person takes out the mortgage and then another person pays on the mortgage and pays it off), and also the judge has to have honest investigations of all complaints against him or her, and no appearing in front of the judge if any of the litigants or attorneys gave the judge campaign contributions directly or indirectly and of course no bribes. Not sure how many judges in the US that would have remaining, but I bet the population is so small they could all fit in a VW beetle car! good question.

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