From SS/–All hands on board. Linda Aters false arrest for failure to pay an attorney in an abusive gship $11k

while I still don’t know all the details, this woman is in jail for failure to pay $11k.  Her assistant says she had no money to pay $11k to some probate attorney because they took all her money.

Please write, call and fax the parties involved and here they are:

Linda Aters, false arrest/imprisonment Maricopa County, Arizona

Sheriff Penzone 602-876-1000
Community Outreach 602-876-1685
Professional Standards Bureau 844-887-4483

Chris De Rose is clerk of the Superior court
email him:
clerk of court phone number

Matthew E. Delinko, SBN 030540
8765 East Bell Road, Suite 210
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Telephone: (480) 502-4664
4 Facsimile: (480) 502-4774

and the judge’s name is Steven Holding in probate. Phoenix AZ
(This includes questions about Wills, Guardianship, and Affidavits of Real and Personal Property) To view information on the website you may click here, or you may call (602)37-CLERK, or (602)372-5375 for assistance.

Clerk’s office chris de rose:

case no. CASE NO.: CV2017-054872

court media relations:
Bryan Bouchard
Public Information Officer

her attorney is
Brent M. Gunderson
Gunderson Law Group, P.C.
1839 S. Alma School Road, Suite 275
Mesa, AZ 85210
TelephonelFax: (480) 750-7337
Attorney for Defendant Linda B. Arters

Also, Barb Stone is still in prison for protecting her mother and embarrassing the shizzola out of the lawyers and judges involved.  I will be getting more info on her case this week to write, fax and call.

We have to stick together on abusive probate guardianships and demand that they end.


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