From KKD: we have to clean up the probate messes, from the court to the nursing homes that abuse the elderly and disabled

Dr. Sugar’s book is a primer.   
It is is must read to understand the problem of ELDER CLEANSING and corruption in the Courts that has lead to the guardianship problem and just what a cancer and assault on our Constitution it has become.   
I was drawn into this situation when the attorney for the guardian and the guardian ad litem in the Mary Sykes case -09 P 4585 (Cook County) each individually called me to threaten me that Judge Maureen Connors would “sanction” me if I looked into the Mary Sykes case.    Of course I told them to go to hell.  Truth to their word, they appeared before Judge Connors and demanded that I be sanctioned.    First she tried to scare me; however, I did not attorn.    Finally I was sanctioned almost 5,000 dollars for my attempting to look into a guardianship case pending in Cook County, Illinois.  
Naturally I took an appeal and won.   
That did not end the case, the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission first tried to silence me, and then when it became obvious that I was now interested and not going away INTIMIDATION was the next step.    When it came out that the presiding judge in the case was ‘wired’ (fixed) and I was still demanding an HONEST INVESTIGATION I was the subject of a full bore soviet style disciplinary hearing.    (As I had practiced law for over fifty years, I was not and still am not intimidated – I hope to live long enough to see the DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY arrive on the doorstep of each of the criminals – public and private – and collect the interest, taxes, and penalties that each 18 USCA 371 co conspirator owes.
It was interesting to note that so arrogant are these criminals that when the IARDC discovered that Seth Gillman ( a hospice fraudster stealing from medicare) was co-operating with the FBI, Jerome Larkin the and Illinois Attorney Disciplinary Commission sought to intimidate him by applying for an interium suspension of his law license.
Tonight I plan to appear on Bev Cooper’s public access Television program and discuss this corruption.    I’ve tried to encapulate the issues that we have previously discuss on the program – for your information – I typed up the following note for myself.     I hope that you find it interesting, to wit:

August 8, 2018.

Official Corruption that has been discussed, to wit:

1.       Guardianship.    Centered around the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585 and the October 9, 2017 New York article.      Dr. Sugar’s Book is an expose of the central aspects of the criminal enterprise.     It should be noted that there are good and necessary guardianships, but they are overshadowed by those designed to fit into the grand scheme of HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN THE ELDERLY.

a.       Guardianship fraud like the Sykes case is designed to PUT THE VICTIM on ice until they can be denuded of all property, property, and value.     The vast majorities of these guardianships involve:

                                                               i.      Isolation of the victim

                                                             ii.      Obtaining control over the victims’ property

                                                           iii.      Rendering the victim helpless and solely in the control of the traffickers – usually the guardian, but in the case of Alice Gore, the guardian ad litem

                                                           iv.      “spreading the wealth” this can be accomplished by outright theft – assets, like Mary Sykes’ gold coins just disappear and are not inventoried.    Any mention of the stolen goods is brought before a corrupt judge who listens carefully to every word of complaint and then finds that the complainer is a liar and interfering with the due administration of the estate.

                                                             v.      Elimination of the victim.    Use of Opioids (supplied by health care providers – such as the government) keep the victim alive for as long as insurance company or government health care money, such as Medicare can be garnered.     After the last practical dollar is extracted the victim is put to death.   Cremation covers up a wealth of questions.

b.       Guardianship fraud derived from legitimate attempts to help a disabled person.    In this situation, a co-operate Judge, corrupt lawyers and Guardian ad litem get together to rape and estate.    They set up the family individual who is a legitimate guardian and accuse the guardian of acting improperly.    An irate judge threats doom and gloom but relents and does not send the family member appointed guardian to jail – a judge is rendered that is enough to put the fear of God into the family member and a pawn is appointed guardian.    The pawn is manipulated into bit by bit transferring all the value assets of the Estate into the pockets of the co-operate judge, the guardian ad litem et al.   The Alice Gore case is a classic example of this fraud.

c.       Variations on the theme.     Including PURPOSE DIRECTED GUARDIANSHIP.    The Jaycox case is an illustration.    Jaycox recognized that something was wrong and refused to authorize further payment.     The nursing home then petitioned the Court for a guardian.    When Jaycox engaged counsel (yours truly) and thwarted the attempt to obtain a guardianship, Jaycox died and was cremated.    Carol Wyman was subjected to ELDER CLEANSING because her husband had the clout and could use guardianship to obtain control wherein a divorce would be against his best interests.

2.       Frauds associated with the CARE OF THE ELDERLY.   (It should be noted that several of the large health care providers have referred to the elderly as a commodity!)

a.       Outright criminal activity such as Medicare Fraud.      The key example is the Philip Esformes criminal trial – a billion dollars in Medicare money was stolen.     Trial is set for October 2018.       This case involved all the elements, to wit:

                                                               i.      Payment of money to public officials – in the Esformes case a government health care person assigned to make certain the nursing homes are run in a sanitary and proper contradiction was bribed – she pleaded guilty got five years in prison.

                                                             ii.      Kickbacks.     See Omnicare case, Larkin Hospital, etc.     This is standard practice and involves a portion of the fees derived from the victim are spread to those individuals – doctors, lawyers, hospital administrators, and other who delivered the victim to the criminal conspiracy.

b.       Hospice fraud.    The Seth Gillman plea of guilty illustrates this fraud.     No one does this encompass placing people in hospice who are not dying but extending the life of a dying person to collect as much money as possible.   With cremation available a dead victim can have administered thousands of dollars of medications and service by the simple entry on a chart.    Controlled doctors sign death certificates, and with Cook County, Dade County, et al so ripe with fraud and corrupt public officials ******

c.       Opioid and drug fraud.     A doped up human trafficking victim requires little care and is pure profit.    An average of $3000 a month pays for the care of a nursing home patient in the ELDER CLEANSING program, however the billing can be $12,000 to over $15,000 a month for the care.     No one knows the difference; the victim has a drug induced sleep.   It is much easier to administer a patient dead to the world.    As an example, Physical Therapy can be administered to sleeping patient by merely pushing his/her wheel chair out of the room and into the hall.    Insurance and the Government pay without question for not only the opioids, but the PT.

d.       General targeting:       After last year’s hurricane a LARKIN hospital related nursing home (also apparently related to Esformes had a problem – their air conditioning went out.     Removing the patients to another facility would cut off the Federal Health Care payments, so they made do with fans.     14 people died.    The issue was money over health care.

e.       Service fraud:      With the advent of breaking up the monopoly owned by large utilities the nursing home moguls have set up their own service companies such as electric, and gas.    The costs and profits now go into the “pot” and can be adjusted so as to justify the large month charges made from government health care programs.     It should be noted that the “facility” owned by the moguls usually do not employ many on staff people.   They employ services to furnish them nurses, doctors, techs etc.     The employment costs thus also can be manipulated.

3.       Cover-up of fraud

a.       Official cover up.     This occurs in guardianship cases when the criminal enterprise has one or more objectors.      Family members are motivated by Love of the victim, the anticipation of an inheritance, or just being good person.    These people ask questions.    For instance, a common question is:  Why does mother sleep so much of the time?     Another is what is wrong – mother is getting worse – not better!     These questions can be stalled only for so long.    In the Sykes case, the Gore case etc.    The cover-up usually takes the form of a stall.    When that does not work, it evolves into pure intimidation.      If the “loved one” (i.e. the person motivated to address the criminal enterprise) is too insistent personal threats are directed to the “loved one” The threat seizes on some real or imagined offense and the fraudsters threaten civil or criminal action against the “loved one.”     In the guardianship scenario the Judge is called into the matter.    The judge listens to all the evidence and then rules that the offending “love one” is doing serious harm to the designated victim by the inquiry – she is being agitated/      From that point on asking if mother can visit with x is agitation and results in a RULE TO SHOW CAUSE.     Again, the Judge sternly listens to all the evidence and rules that the family member (et al) has violated an order of court and contempt of court (and possibly jail) is on the docket.      It this does not work then:

                                                               i.      Disciplinary proceedings in the Courtroom.     a stern judge again listens to all the evidence and issues just enough penalty that intimidation sets in.      This process can be multiple hearings and can even result in jail.   The fact that there is no criminal conduct or even wrongful conduct is irrelevant.     The object is to silence the victim and her family.   The most officious strategy is to actually render a judgement against the loud mouth objector.     (in the case where the objector actually has some status – such as being appointed the actual guardian in the case – the judgment can be enforced by attaching the bond)

                                                             ii.      Referral of the matter to “law enforcement”, the Attorney Disciplinary Commission.     This is trickier because law enforcement employs too many honest people and too many people must be clued in and compensated.      Because of legitimate Court procedures the appeal process is impotent, and the justice system is even more impotent.   Nowhere is this more evident that in the JoAnne Denison disciplinary case.    JoAnne exposed every event cited supra in her blog tying it to Judges sitting in the Probate Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County.    When JoAnne would not “shut up” her cry for an HONEST INVESTIGATION was deemed to be ETHICALLLY CHALLENGED by the jurists who were openly and notoriously engaged in HUMAN TRAFFICKING of the elderly, she and (me too) were charged with DISCIPLINARY OFFENSES and suspension of law licenses was sought.      When after Denison ignored one threat after another to SHUT UP and continued a Petition for an interim suspension of her license was filed by the IARDC.    Mr. Larkin, the administrator argued that public was harmed by the exposure of Judicial corruption AND her exposure of judicial corruption was akin to YELLING FIRE IN A CROWDED theater.   She was suspended.

The case of Goodman out of Arizona is the most obnoxious that can be imagined.     Goodman informed me that he found serious fraud in several cases.      He attempted to address them in the Probate Court, but was thwarted.     He then filed Civil Rights suits.    The miscreants went after him hammer and tong.    The obtained Rule 11 (and Rule 11 like) sanctions against him and as well as suspension of his law license.   When he continued to fight – challenging the violation of his personal civil rights more sanctions were levied against him and they literally bankrupted him.      Janet Phelan had her entire inheritance stolen from her and lives in exile in Mexico.

This is the swamp that we are asking the President to drain!


2 thoughts on “From KKD: we have to clean up the probate messes, from the court to the nursing homes that abuse the elderly and disabled

    • The ‘playbook’ is the same in every state. Cases and stories are different yet the same. In my daughter’s case, it is pure probate fraud. A Probate Judge allowed a felon reinstated attorney to present a Will he had written naming himself co-Executor/co-Trustee over a multi-million dollar estate intended for my daughter’s benefit….she’ high functioning autistic. Even the attorney I retained ‘stood in line’ at the end of the day, totally intimidated that she would never ‘work’ again if she continued to represent my daughter’s interests. Dr. Sam has done much… has Richard Black, founder of CEAR. Nothing less than Federal Intervention can put a stop to this….and I further believe that the Swamp is participating as well….so much money to be had!!

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