From YouTube: John Oliver honestly discusses the Criminal Justice System

Youtube often sends related videos on many topics based upon what you have watched in the past.  Since I watch and review a ton of legal videos, this popped up in my feed from youtube.

The sad part is that I cannot tell you in all of this sad story what is false.

Leave a comment below if you disagree with John Oliver on any of these topics.

I have heard from a ton of criminal defendants, and I assure you the poor are the main targets of govt abuses: guardianship, child custody, the criminal “justice” system and many other courts where the mighty dollar reigns supreme.


2 thoughts on “From YouTube: John Oliver honestly discusses the Criminal Justice System

  1. I’m so glad this Oliver Youtube is circulating …it’s necessary for everyone to view! It is a dark and true (he’s a funny man and despite the noir quips he makes, it’s obvious he’s taken this issue seriously). As I personally refer to this National Abuse a/k/a American Terrorism, directed at any elder or disabled person with a dollar to steal, it’s almost incomprehensible that this scam has flourished over many decades! Education is needed, just as Cancer was ‘outed’ …I’m older myself and remember Cancer being a ‘taboo’ word….Education changed all that! We self-appointed Advocates must continue to do all we can to increase public awareness!

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