From MWD: Useful Words in Court

Remember, in court you can’t call your opponent a liar, the judge a liar, that both the judge and opposing counsel is working to rubber stamp corruption. You have to be more subtle.  Best defense:  give them all a word they have to look up.

So this is a beginning series of Useful Words you can use in court:

Bloviate:  Long winded and wordy.

Example:  Mr. X is a bloviate attorney indulging in numerous obtuse excuses for his client’s illegal behavior.

Sophistry:  Deceptive Arguments

Example:  Mr X’s brief is filled with nothing by sophistry

Or, ah a new pleading from Mr. X filled with his magnificent Sophistry

Asserverate:  Confirm or affirm in an earnest manner

The Office of Public Guardian is always asserverate in dispensing with wards or their property.





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