From JC: A List of Tactics Corrupt Judges use to Wrongfully Take Children from Protective Parents

Tactics Judges Use to Take your Children
• Judges often meet in Chambers with all Attorney’s, G.A.L’s to make deals without client present. Where no court reporter is present and no audio video proof of what being said.
• Judges will ignore testimony, facts and witnesses
• They will confuse issues in cases
• They will use Courthouse Security Guards to intimidate people, by interrogation or by following you
• They will collude with G.A.L and make decisions without reason or proof, usually an oral reason with no basis or fact
• They will give you no due process
• Frequently ignore the law and your Constitutional rights
• Make biased judgements against a certain party, where the other party will break court orders with full judicial immunity
• Threaten you to sign paperwork under duress without discovery
• Allows certain parties to create Fraud upon the court, “Perjury” while the other is threatened into silence
• Judge will institute court orders in which she will break, or allow certain parties to break, while other parties cannot
• They will never admit wrong doing, even after proven they did
• Judge will ignore Witnesses or evidence that does not fit objective
• Judge will continuously side against one party
• Ignores crimes from certain parties
• Rubber stamping everything one side does
• Sealing documents so crimes are hidden
• Changing or removing the court reporters record
• Failure to consider evidence or hear petitions
• Denying constitutional or civil rights
• Stopping you from representing yourself
• They will create Orders based on insufficient evidence from certain parties
• They will create Orders based on Fiction that will force you into contempt of court

12 thoughts on “From JC: A List of Tactics Corrupt Judges use to Wrongfully Take Children from Protective Parents

  1. Excellent overview here! I would assume this is from the “Corrupt Judges Playbook” as I care to refer to it!t. After having this list of tactics applied to my own daughter’s case (she is high functioning Autistic), while then sitting corrupt Probate Court jurist, Anthony Scarpino, allowed a disbarred attorney to remain as Executor of her father’s Will (NYS law categorically prohibits a felon from servicing as Fiduciary), my subsequent Activist role has opened a new door of truth about deep injustices iwithin this Country. For decades this trillion dollar Scam, protected by our own law, has blossomed. Only with the onset of social media, and other victims and Activists who are now finding their voices and speaking up (with great leadership from Richard Black aat CEAR) we are discovering that this ‘playbook’ is being used in ALL our States. You have done an outstanding job of listing the requirements for perverted “justice”…..keep it coming. Please, everyone who reads this, twitter facebook, get this story out!!! No family is safe from this corruption. We are fighting a criminal entity who are protected by Law! Latest story in NY can be found at “City Politics”, article by Alisa Parlin. Only exposure and education will fight this disgraceful deceit.,

    • Thank you for the laugh of the day. Yep,if the behavior results in unjust loss of a child, even though justified in the mind of a psychopath, it’s still the same unprofessional, unethical and disgusting behavior. thanks

  2. Right on spot! It’s entrapment, and criminal within and of itself.They want to point fingers at criminality without evidence. If the evidence supports the parent is not guilty they actually use bullying tactics to provide their agenda. Even the lawyer we were given just patted my daughter with a, “its okay… Its gonna be ok…” attitude in a soothing voice. If you have never been in trouble before, they will gleefully blindfold you, lie and withhold to support their own agenda. They take advantage of the innocence, ignore reality, actually saying… “They don’t care.” And proceed with the agenda of entrapment, and gag. Steal the children with some kinda medical need, degrade the family nucleus into a state of depression and hysteria, while they abuse the children for their own sick fix. They think we are oblivious to what they are doing, and just can’t seem to figure out why they cannot provide the children at visit time. When you ask questions like why is my child damaged, they say something forensicically ridiculous. In a clear fashion, basically saying in admission to being a clear cut narcissisist, whom expects you to believe what they say just because they said so. With no cause to prove allegations. Present evidence to support innocence.
    I’ve seen better justice in a third world country, than these jagofants. They are networked and give the impression that there is no way to find justice. No one is trustworthy, so u fear the system, everyone looks like they can make your life miserable if you cry out.
    It reminds me of the old USSR.

    • thank you for your comments, I would be glad to hear more about your case if you can do a case synopsis and then load up all your pleadings on gdrive and share it with me, either you or I can write a full article. thanks

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