From MF: Why don’t the authorities respond to complaints regarding clergy sexual abuse?

Mike Ference works tirelessly to help victims of clergy sexual abuse.  These people have no place in our churches.  Pray for our churches to stay pure.  Pray for justice for these victims.

from Mike:

Sadly, more whistleblowers of Catholic clergy sex abuse and cover-ups continue to reach out to me; a $10.00 an hour security guard for help in lieu of government agencies and law enforcement officials. We can only assume they trust me more than any PA government official to do the right thing, or to at least try and do the right thing.
Perhaps, it’s time that PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro hire me as independent agent for his office. I would be willing to work as an independent contractor. I would even be willing to work for a measly $10.00 an hour, no benefits, certainly no pension or 401 plan.
Maybe, some of my passion, dedication and hunger for the truth would rub off on some of the highly paid nitwits who tried to convince me that the attempted murder of my son was an accident.
I’m reaching out to any former student, parishioner of St. Phillip’s Parish in Crafton, PA who would be aware of the sexual abuse of students their dating back to the 70s and 80s. At least 3 to 5 young men have committed suicide. While other males have led a life of crime, alcoholism, drugs, etc. All signs of some type of abuse possibly sexual abuse.
I’m only releasing bits and pieces of my investigation so far, but at least one suicide victim told a fellow classmate(s) he wanted to cut off his penis. This student also told the classmate(s) his mother had stopped him from doing it on at least one occasion.
Father Richard Dorsch a convicted Child molester was a priest assigned to this parish back in those days. I was told he would babysit for a family with six children while the parents would go out. Sometimes he even stayed over night.
Father Ron Lenguin, current spokesperson for the Pittsburgh Diocese was also assigned to this parish back in the day.
Much more to come. Please share this post.

2 thoughts on “From MF: Why don’t the authorities respond to complaints regarding clergy sexual abuse?

  1. While this is not my issue, I stand with Mike for the fight against injustice everywhere! Is this not why America was founded in the first place….have we become a nation of corruption without recourse from the very people who are paid to protect us!? Cover-ups over all Corruptive issues must be exposed!

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