From KKD; Lanre Amu refuses to apologize to ARDC for speaking out against corruption



 Indeed,” practicing Law while Black” (without official permission) apparently in Illinois is prohibited, however, the penalties associated therewith are our dirty little secrets.   Indeed, everyone knows that we all are supposed to keep quiet concerning Cook County, Illinois approved corruption.   


If the media were to expose your disciplinary proceeding in an election year the overt racism that you were subjected it might cause a few people who share a dark hue to their skin to not vote for the corrupt POLITICAL ELITE.    Your example of honoring your oath might even breed a quest for the Court to rid itself of corruption!    


Indeed, the overt racism that you were subjected might even tarnish certain favored members of the political elite.    It was very difficult for Mr. Larkin (and by extension the Illinois Supreme Court) to explain how a disciplinary proceeding can (or could) be brought against you  pursuant to Rule 8.3 for reporting to the IARDC and law enforcement the fact that a Circuit Court judge was a member of the Board of Directors of the defendant and her brother an attorney for the defendant.    The refusual of the Judge to recuse herself was also difficult to reconcile with the concept of an honest and impartial judiciary.


It took great courage for Mr. Larkin to file a verified pleading claiming that facts everyone knew to be true were falsehoods uttered by you.  As the judge did not deny the allegation Larkin had to go out on a limb.     Larkin’s task became even more courageous when CRAINS CHICAGO BUSINESS independently exposed the very same facts you alleged in its publication!      Indeed, if the averment concerning Judge **** had been made by a lawyer with a lighter hue to his skin the organized bar and civil rights organizations might have demanded Larkin’s disbarment and removal from the public sector for his breach of the public trust.


How could in Illinois a public official claim under oath facts to be true that everyone knew were not true?    Why were you singled out?    The reason is obvious to me, especially when one of your supporters – an Icon of the Selma March and the Civil Rights movement, was also singled out for humiliation by the 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators.   (It should be noted that only one person was denied entry into the kangaroo hearing involving Attorney JoAnne Denison — Diane Nash!  –  As the hearing was open to the public and there was ample seating space for her the only conclusion was racism!    It is interesting to note that the charge has not been denied!     The fact that Ms. Nash did not even receive the disingenuous apology that is usually afforded to persons who the ‘SWAMP’ has denied equal protection of law speaks volumes!


I wish that official misconduct directed toward you ended at the matter, and at this late day, having gotten away with a vicious assault on the Illinois and Federal Constitution, the miscreants would just fade into the sunset and consider themselves lucky.        I heard that the IARDC (Mr. Larkin) and the Illinois Supreme Court have made a demand that you make a statement acknowledging the untrue and misleading statements made against you by Larkin were true as a condition of reinstatement of your law license.  I also heard that you refused to join in the ‘cover up!’  


 To me this demand upon you is just another act of overt racism and a penalty for representing your clients by demanding a fair hearing and a level playing field.     Every day that this travesty continues is another assault on America’s core values.     (I’ve sent a copy of this e-mail to the White House.    The President has promised to make America Great again and to drain the swamp.     In my opinion the racism you suffered is such a stain on America’s reputation and quest for an honest judiciary that every American (including the President) must speak out loudly and unequivocally [1].   


The assault on America’s core values and your personal rights, privileges and liberties is very disturbing, equally disturbing is the fact that the silence is deafening!    Where are all civil rights organizations?    Where is law enforcement?     Where is the 2nd oldest profession?     Where are all the political people who claim to be advocates for justice and civil rights?   Where is the hue and cry [2]?


  Naturally, we cannot expect that the IARDC, or some law enforcement or civil rights organization et al will feel obligated to do an HONEST INVESTIGATION of the overt racism that you are suffering and have suffered.    As you aware, Honest INVESTIGATIONS in Illinois that expose corruption in the judicial branch of Illinois government are in the words of Mr. Larkin (published in the disciplinary proceedings involving Attorney JoAnne Denison) are the functional equivalent of “yelling fire in a crowded theater.”     (Ms. Denison publishes a blog MARYGSYKES and therein she published evidence of judicial corruption.   In seeking an emergency suspension of Ms. Denison’s law license, Mr. Larkin equated her blog to “yelling fire in a crowded theater”    The Illinois Supreme Court apparently agreed and issued an interim suspension of Ms. Denison’s law license followed by a 3-year suspension.           



I apologize for my long-winded diatribe – the fact that independently Crain’s Chicago Business made the very same averment that you made, and the corrupt JUDICIAL ELITE could not be bothered to do an independent and honest investigation, infuriates me.      The hypocrisy just cannot be reconciled or shoved under the rug.    


Ken Ditkowsky

[1] I usually suggest that the reader view the averments with suspicion and do an independent investigation to determine the truth or falsity thereof.     As a major business publication CRAINS CHICAGO BUSINESS made the very same allegations I do not feel that such a suggestion is not necessary — BUT, here again I invite LAW ENFORCEMENT to do an independent investigation and find out if Judge **** was indeed the member of the Board of Directors of the defendant (a defendant in her courtroom), if her brother was a member of the law firm representing the defendant, and if Judge ***** even denied the allegation.

[2] The fact that Mr. Larkin, the administrator of the Illinois attorney disciplinary Commission (IARDC) would seek an interim suspension of your law license was obscene.   The fact that the Illinois Supreme Court would grant it, labelling your compliance with Rule 8.3 and a possible 18 USCA 4 mandatory reporting obligation as a danger to the public smacks of the worst type of corruption.   When it appears that the very same individuals and State entities did not find that attorney Seth Gillman was a danger to public (until it was disclosed that he was co-operating with the USA in the Medicare/health care Fraud cases) just adds fuel.

Ken Ditkowsky
From Joanne;
Rest assured that none of myself, Ken or Lane are going to betray any of you and recant and say we are sorry about reporting corruption to the authorities and publishing it on this blog.  If it means no license, so be it.  We have far better morals and ethics than what is going on at the ARDC and the Illinois Supreme Court.  If we do not stand up against this Fraud on the Court and protect the public, then who will?

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