From FB: Family cam catches 89 year old man being abused

While our court system demands that elders be forced into nursing homes and Medicare/Medicaid only pays them, this is the result and it’s horrifying

this is but another reason our Guardianship system needs a complete overhaul and much, much oversight.  I wouldn’t even put a dog in on of these placees.

2 thoughts on “From FB: Family cam catches 89 year old man being abused

  1. To think how many vulnerable people, elderly and disabled alike, are being held against their will….THAT is what Guardianship is, in a nutshell….”legal” captivity promulgated by a possibly corrupt Judge and all his minions….who is going to fight a judge? Across this nation today, this has ballooned into a trillion dollar industry with no oversight from the Federal Gov’t; no accountability from Probate Judges….you can’t sue them….when the money is gone, it’s gone! This entire setup is designed to protect the Felon, not the Victim!

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