From KKD: Dr. Sugar’s new book on Guardianship

Exploiting the elderly has become one of the most prolific American Industries, and the safest criminal enterprise in history.    The funding necessary to create success is available through government and insurance company sources in large (health care fraud).    The individual victims are an easy mark and theft of their assets is added perk.      Most importantly, the guardian provides in many situations an important service that is laudable and essential; however, in other situations it is a dark world designed to prey on the helpless, the infirm, and the vulnerable.

Dr. Sugar’s expose, to wit: Guardianships and the Elderly, the Perfect Crime exposes in a concise, direct, and straight forward manner the predation of HUMAN TRAFFICKING in the elderly that is plaguing America and assaulting her core values.      In few pages, Guardianships educates the reader not only the ‘history’ of the enterprise, but its statutory origins and most importantly the perpetrators.    The book is a primer not only for ‘law enforcement,’ but also the members of the general public who do not which to be victims or family members of victims.     Education and awareness are the two guide posts of Democracy.

Few individuals have the qualifications to meet the challenge that is required to credibly expose the corruption associated with the felonies of Elder Cleansing.     (Elder Cleansing being the isolation of an elderly person so that corrupt individuals through the usage of corrupt guardianships can be systematically deprived of their humanity, property, human and civil rights).    As a physician and caring relative of a victim Sugar explores not only the societal background that gives rise to the Parens Patrie concerns of guardianship, but, the concerns of society that promulgate not only the criminal corruption that is the target of the book, but the root corruptions that foster the cottage industry.    It is an ‘everything you wanted to know and were afraid to ask’ expose.

The villains exposed in this expose are for the most part respected people in the community, many of whom are in the Political and Judicial spectrum.    Many contribute to charities and social service organizations and are routinely honored.      This respected citizens operate a ‘dark society’ that corrupts our political and judicial system so that their operatives can navigate judicial corruption to successfully strip targeted elderly of their assets, their humanity, and their civil rights.    Indeed, in the pages of his book after defining terms Sugar outlines just how a guardian can and does take over the assets of a victim and depletes it through kickbacks, theft, overcharges, and court ordered fees.    The “feeding tube” scenario is exposed along with a common method of remunerating the Judge or other public official responsible for protecting the human trafficking enterprise.

The October 9, 2017 New Yorker article exposing an elder cleansing case arising out of Nevada created more ripples than the Four Government Accounting Office reports to Congress, however, it was quickly shoved aside by carefully crafted articles distracting from the horrors of this human trafficking; however, anyone who reads Guardianships is going to come away a sense of the perfidy and betrayal that have befallen some of our most vulnerable elderly.     Sugar is specific in pointing out WHO and How.     The reader with empathy and understanding cannot help but come away with a cornerstone of knowledge as why or how he/she and his/her loved ones are threatened.     For instance, the image of the ‘unreachable’ judge is shattered!     Sugar reveals just how in a virtually undetectable manner the pious jurist accepts a bribe[1] and the care protocol that immobilizes the victim.    In one place, the reader and in particular law enforcement has a text that obviates any excuse for not cracking down on this cancer that is destroying America.

[1] The public official travels to his local bank and applies and receives a loan equal to an amount in excess of the agreed to bribe remuneration.    The public officials makes a few payments on the loan.   The briber clandestinely in an agreed manner sees that the loan account receives sufficient credits to liquidate the debt (or agreed portion thereof).

Ken Ditkowsky

From Joanne:

Sounds great. I hope to receive a copy of the book soon so I can review it and put it on my blog.

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